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Feng Shui Skills Development Day – 2 April 2022 (Saturday), 10am-2:30pm, Zoom

April 2, 2022 @ 10:00 am - 2:30 pm

Feedback after the event

MorningThank you once again for the zoom session yesterday. I really enjoyed breaking into groups and the Feng Shui consultancy study. Brilliant.
Have a warm day.

Dear Gina
I really enjoyed the event yesterday and found it extremely useful. I am a FS beginner. I started studying FS properly only 2 ago, currently attending Simon Brown course. It was great to meet everyone and gain another interesting insight into the world of FS. I am planning to attend the event in June and will definitely attend other events like the one yesterday in future. Thank you for organising this and letting people like me join and learn from already established professionals.
Best Regards

What an excellent day!  All the talks were well prepared, interesting and useful.  Lots of information, some reminding us of things we should know and had probably forgotten, especially where marketing and social media are concerned. I particularly enjoyed Carol’s business case study and hearing what she had learned later that backed up all her findings – always good to know from a consultation.  Christian’s talk about his new book was riveting, posing many questions about the ‘wave of time’ – especially interesting to me.
Do listen to the talks, each one is well worth it – I can guarantee that you are bound to learn as well as remember!
Elizabeth Wells, FSSA

If you haven’t attended the day – watch the recording of it below. Enjoy.

This is a half-day event on Zoom, starting at 10am with a programme of five events until 2.30pm. It is FREE for Society Members/Feng Shui Consultants, £5 for Friends of the FSS and £10 for Feng Shui Enthusiasts, your clients, colleagues and others who we will welcome on the day. The booking/payment details are at the bottom of this page.

New for 2022, we are pleased to announce that the Society is now hosting an online educational forum in addition to our much loved annual gathering in London in June.
So we hope that you will join us for this half-day event on Saturday, the 2nd of April.

The topics and speakers chosen will be of interest to you if you are a seasoned practitioner or follower of feng shui or your journey into this increasingly popular approach to living well, is new.

9:45am Open, join the Zoom Room with Gina Lazenby (host)

10:00am Introduction by the FSS Chair – The importance of self-care – Gina Lazenby

10:15am – 10:55am Unconscious biases – Jan Cisek

Unconscious (implicit/cognitive) biases affect our work as feng shui consultants and anyone who’s using feng shui. Evaluating, questioning and updating our beliefs, mindsets and attitudes about how feng shui works is a part of continuous professional and feng shui development. Many biases can be overcome if we are aware of them and that’s only the first step. The second step is to incorporate some basic checks for unconscious biases in order to avoid false problems and fine-tune feng shui interventions to have better results, quicker.

Unconscious/Cognitive Bias can affect your decision-making on important personal and professional matters

Jan Cisek is a feng shui consultant and trainer with 40+ years of experience in feng shui, vastu shastra and interior design. He’s also an environmental psychologist and is currently working on his PhD in feng shui which is about the integration of science and wisdom from Western and Eastern perspectives in feng shui and transpersonal psychology, consciousness and human potential. More info: https://www.fengshuilondon.net

Links mentioned in Jan’s presentation: 

Jan Cisek: Feng Shui Checklist – Feng Shui Society Conference III, London UK, 26 June 2010 

Books on bias and decision-making: https://bookauthority.org/books/best-cognitive-biases-books

Feng Shui Myths, Superstitions, Unconscious biases and False Problems

10:55am-11:05am Comfort break

11:05am – 11:45am How to grow your feng shui consultancy through effective digital marketing – Rachel Manning

  • Where you are now – website review, rankings in Google, social media followers and engagement
  • The importance of social proof – what does this mean and why does it matter?
  • The importance of good content and how to make it work hard for you
  • The four main ways to reach people – organic SEO, paid advertising on Google, social media marketing, email newsletters
  • Putting it all together into a manageable strategy
  • Top tips to save time and create an integrated campaign
  • Q&A


Rachel Manning, established iMarketing Ltd. over twenty years ago, after studying photography and fine art. The business grew organically and now includes all forms of digital marketing – including social media, brand development, paid advertising campaigns, website design, email marketing, copywriting, blogs and imagery. On a more personal level, she is trained in feng shui and hypnotherapy/NLP which comes in handy for writing highly persuasive copy and understanding the symbolism of imagery needed in campaigns. Her work, psychology and marketing are a successful and interesting blend and she finds this a fascinating industry to work in. More info: https://www.imarketing.co.uk/

11:45am – 12:45pm Creation of feng shui checklists – facilitated by Gina Lazenby

Think tank session to clarify and design professional feng shui checklists for homes, workplaces for easy reference. If you already have such checklists you’ll have an opportunity to share them with us. We’ll work in breakout rooms and then report back from groups.

Feng shui checklists will help you get better results, quicker

12:45am-13:15pm Refreshment break

1:15pm-1:45pm Feng shui case study presented by Carol Hession

Carol Hession will present a feng shui business case study.

Carol Hession combines Classical and Intuitive Feng Shui, blending eastern principles to suit western culture and your personal taste. I can help you to understand yourself through 9 Star Ki astrology and advise you on beneficial times for major changes in your life. More info https://fengshui-consultant.co.uk

If you have an interesting case study or insights from your feng shui practice that you’d like to present in the future, please email us.

1:45pm – 2:25pm Whispers of the Ancients  – Christian Kyriacou 

Christian will talk about his new book Whispers of the Ancients which is as the book subtitle suggests is an epic adventure through the wave of time. Although the origins of Feng Shui are based in China, the knowledge is founded millions of years before. In Christian’s upcoming book, he will trace the story of the 12 Light-Codes of creation, the harmonics of music, sacred geometry, geomancy; their galactic origin and how China embodied them into what we use today in Feng Shui.

Christian Kyriacou is an Architect, House Whisperer, Philosopher, Author, Storyteller, Spatial Psychotherapist, Musician, Composer, Filmmaker, Feng Shui, Vaastu and Geomancy Consultant. He has appeared on international television and radio since 1993 as an inspirational speaker on topics such as the relationship of sound and sacred space, architectural harmonics and music, geomancy and Feng Shui. His work with the spatial energy of buildings engages with how aspects of acoustics, vibration, music and harmonics relate to sacred geometry in architectural spaces. His psychotherapeutic approach involves reading and understanding the consciousness of buildings, which in turn affects the relationship of people to their homes and workplaces. More info https://www.thehousewhisperer.tv/

2:30pm –  Close

Looking forward to meeting you on Saturday, 2 April 2022 at 10am. Please join the event at 9:45am.
Gina Lazenby
Chair, Feng Shui Society

The recording of the event will be available to all delegates, so even if you can’t attend on the day you’ll be able to watch it later.


Any questions re the booking for this event please email: membership@fengshuisociety.org.uk

£10 for Feng Shui Enthusiasts
£5 for Society Friends

Feng Shui Skills Development Day, 2 April 2022 (Saturday) 10am, Zoom. Use the drop-down menu to choose between tickets.

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April 2, 2022
10:00 am - 2:30 pm
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