18 November 2023 10am – 2:30pm

Watch the full event below with an Introduction by the FSS Chair – Celebrating 30 years of the FSS – Gina Lazenby


Or individual presentations below

10:15am – 10:55am  How to Use Feng Shui Calculators/Calendars on a Daily Basis – Krzysztof Pazowski, founder of Chinese Metasoft  

Feng shui and related Chinese metaphysical systems use various models, tools, calendars and calculators to understand the quality of energy at different times and the flow of energy and guide life decisions. Krzysztof will demonstrate how to use different feng shui tools (such as Feng Shui, Da Liu Ren, Ba Zi, Qi Men Dun Jia, Tong Shu, Ze Ri) for daily reading. Open to all – advanced feng shui practitioners and novice feng shui enthusiasts.

Krzysztof Pazowski, inspired by Joseph Murphy’s book, delved deep into metaphysics, exploring practices from Huna Kalani to Chinese Metaphysics, including feng shui and Ba Zi, among others. His global education included learning from masters across China, Hong Kong, Malaysia, and beyond. With an MSc. from Oxford in Mathematical Modelling and a career in software development using Microsoft Stack, Krzysztof now uniquely merges his metaphysical passion with tech prowess, crafting software for feng shui metaphysical tools, with a keen interest in AI for business and health applications. Watch Krzysztof talking about feng shui tools. More about Chinese Metasoft

Chinese Metasoft has kindly provided FREE FENG SHUI CALCULATORS for the FSS. Start using them. If you’re a novice feng shui enthusiast and the terminology is new to you, attend the above talk, when Krzysztof will explain further how to use them. Also, read the blog about the date, 9 November 1993, when the FSS was created.

Promotional Codes
Additionally, feng shui consultants and feng shui enthusiasts can take advantage of the codes provided by Chinese Metasoft – in celebration of the 30 years of the FSS for the months of October and November 2023.
TFSSTrial – trial code, 1 month free, Silver Pro 1 package
TFSS1688 – £20 discount for Silver and Silver Pro 1 packages
Codes can be used after 1) creating an account and 2) logging in, in the ‘My Package’ section

11:05am – 12:05am  Feng Shui Now – Modern Tools and Methodologies for 21st Century Feng Shui Enthusiasts and Practitioners: a discussion about feng shui practice, its evolution over the years, and its contemporary relevance – led by Gina Lazenby

The think tank session (in break-out rooms) delves into Modern Tools and Methodologies for 21st-century feng shui enthusiasts and practitioners.

In the contemporary realm of feng shui, it’s about bridging ancient principles with today’s world, ensuring energies align harmoniously within our modern spaces. By leveraging advanced tools and methodologies, practitioners can seamlessly translate these age-old concepts for today’s enthusiasts, making them both relevant and actionable.

We’ll discuss highlights of ancient and modern feng shui practices such as:

  1. Comprehensive evaluation – Utilise modern tools to decipher and present the intricate facets of feng shui, offering a clear and current perspective on working and living spaces.
  2. Tactical enhancements – Provide actionable insights on spatial refinements to harness positive energies, tailored to contemporary lifestyles and different preferences.
  3. Tracking evolution – Use modern methodologies to observe and record the transformational journey, ensuring consistent alignment and growth.
  4. And more…

Join this advanced feng shui session to elevate your understanding, refine your practice, and bridge the ancient with the contemporary. For today’s feng shui enthusiasts and practitioners, it’s about mastering the balance of old wisdom in a new world.

12:05am – 12:45pm  Findings from the break-out rooms session  – led by Gina Lazenby

During our session, insights and knowledge from the break-out room discussions will be synthesised and converged. Additionally, the forum will offer an opportunity to share and collate suggestions for augmenting the tools and techniques in the FSS’s professional toolkit. Feng shui enthusiasts will be encouraged to share their expectations regarding feng shui, and how it can serve them better in the 21st century.

1:15pm – 1:50pm  How to Solve Sleeping Issues with Classical Feng Shui – Genevieve Carle

From the very first contact with the client to the final feedback, providing them with relevant solutions, we will go together through the different steps of this real-life feng shui evaluation, with a special focus on Form School and Flying Stars.

After a career in finance in France, Genevieve Carle moved to Hong Kong in 2011, where she trained in classical Feng Shui with Master Pang Zi Yang and Master Raymond Lo. A Feng Shui practitioner since then, Genevieve Carle is an accredited teacher and consultant with the FSS and the IFSG. Teaching Feng Shui is her main activity today, and she shares her time between onsite courses in Versailles (France), where she lives, and online classes with international students. More info: https://thefengshuilab.uk

1:50pm – 2:25pm  Person Centered Feng Shui   – Simon Brown

Like many subjects feng shui has lots of theories, principles and concepts. It is possible to do a whole feng shui consultation with just the person’s date of birth, building construction date, floor plan and facing direction. Yet, in the end most clients want to improve their lives, or in effect their own chi. Is it enough to just change the chi of a home or can more be achieved with a deeper understanding of the chi of the person? Simon will explore human chi in terms of San Cai, Meridians, 5 elements and trigrams. He will also look at the influence of chi on the mind and thinking on chi. This can then help explain more of how feng shui works and what outcomes we can reasonably deliver.

Simon Brown started the first feng shui courses in the UK with William Spear and went on to study for 7 years with Takashi Yoshikawa. He is the author or 9 best feng shui books, including The Feng Shui Bible. Simon’s clients include The Body Shop, British Airway, Heron International and Paris Airports. He is an international feng shui teacher, shiatsu therapist and macrobiotic health coach. Simon runs an accredited feng shui school providing online feng shui courses that lead to accreditation with the Feng Shui Society.

2:30pm – Close