The Feng Shui Society will be hosting our next Speaker Dr Suzanne G Harper on 12th December 2023  from 7-8 pm. The topic of  Moving The Feng Shui Way and focusing on ‘An Easier Way To Re-locate Homes & Businesses’

She will cover:

  • Why use feng shui for moving?
  • Preparations
  • Is your move “with” or “against” the energy?
  • Good directions of move in 2024 for all 9 Star Ki numbers
  • Cash Flow, Travel and Helpful People Areas
  • Prioritize all living things 
  • Moving in Difficult Circumstances
  • Clear the Clutter
  • Choosing your new home
  • Signing the Contracts
  • When to schedule the move

Dr Suzanne G Harper is an experienced feng shui consultant  with

an extensive background in holistic healthcare and Eastern philosophy.

This, along with her specific knowledge of acupuncture and QI Qong enable her to make feng shui user-friendly for Westerners.

An unfortunate house, move followed by a 3-month run of bad luck prompted

her to find out about feng shui. It was just what the doctor ordered, and resulted in a swift change of circumstances for the better.  She has been a passionate advocate of the feng shui ever since.

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