Introduction to Festive Feng Shui

Christmas is a special time to gather family and friends together to enjoy festivities. It’s a fun and beautiful time of year when homes and shops are decorated in glittering lights and colour.

Preparing Your Home for Christmas

This is a great time to put some intention into your home and make some preparations to clear out any unused items and toys. Good feng shui requires room for chi to circulate, so before all the new gifts and things come into the house take some time to clear the clutter.

Selecting and Placing Your Christmas Tree

Whether you choose a natural or artificial tree try to place your Christmas tree according to Feng Shui principles.

The Significance of Colours and Shapes in Feng Shui

We will be filling our homes with new colours, shapes and aromas. These colours and shapes relate to the Five Elements – Fire, Earth, Metal, Water, Wood. Christmas trees connect us with the natural world so can be considered a strong Wood element symbol. The triangular shape of a Christmas tree is considered Fire element and even more so when it is covered in lights. So a Christmas tree can be both a strong Wood and Fire enhancement.

Ideal Locations for Your Christmas Tree

The best location for a Christmas tree is either in the Wealth (South East), Recognition (South), or Family (East) area of your home. Decorate with green, blue colours along with objects from nature and water objects. It may not be practical to place your tree in the perfect spot so then you can balance the energy by making the following adjustments.

Adjustments for Other Locations

If you locate your tree in the North (Career) area decorate it with blue lights and decorations, also decorate with gold and silver as the metal element supports the water element. If possible have a blue/ black tree skirt to help support the water element energy of this area.

Decorating for Children, Creativity

If you locate your tree in the West (Children/Creativity) or North West (Helpful People/Travel) area then use metal ornaments, tinsel, white lights and a silver and gold accented tree skirt.

Enhancing Love and Knowledge Areas

If your tree is in either South West (Love & Relationships) or North East (Quiet Contemplation/ Knowledge) area use lots of ceramic ornaments, yellow and red lights and a red skirt.

Organising Your Christmas Decorations

We often collect Christmas decorations over the years and think we have to put the entire collection out. If you vary what you display each year, your decorations will become more meaningful. Put up those decorations you absolutely love and discard faded and old decorations.

Alternative Ways to Celebrate With Nature

Of course you may not want a tree or decorations but still wish to celebrate by bringing nature indoors. Display evergreen boughs or poinsettias to raise the energy. Mistletoe keeps the atmosphere clear of negativity, anger, stress and tension. If you hang mistletoe in the dining room it may help bring cash and luck into the house during the New Year ahead. Kissing under the mistletoe is a lovely Christmas tradition that signifies love and romance.

Introducing Aromas for a Festive Atmosphere

Bring in the Christmassy scents such as cinnamon which can calm. Pine and eucalyptus cleanse an atmosphere. Cloves create calm and harmony. If you put cloves in oranges and place in the kitchen or dining room it will encourage abundance, money and joy.

Welcoming Positive Energy Into Your Home

Light up the entrance to your home to encourage positive energy in and welcome everyone who comes into your home. Buy your home a gift for Christmas. It could be a beautiful piece of artwork or some fresh flowers. You could buy something for the whole family like a game. Anything that brings the family together is great Feng Shui.

Feng Shui Workshops

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Season’s Greetings

Wishing you all a very happy Christmas and a healthy, happy and prosperous New Year.

Jackie Tyrrell