Feng Shui Spring Clean To Reset Your Home By Jackie Tyrrell

Spring is a good time to reset the energy in your home and to get rid of the stagnant energy from the winter.

Feng Shui has many practical solutions which can help encourage positive energy flow and here are a few tips to get your started. 

Your windows are the eyes of your home.  Everything about them should be clean and bright.  Dirty windows could lead to blurry perceptions of the world.  Windows are also a way of letting out bad energy and letting in good energy so ensure your windows are bright and sparkly.  Open your windows on a bright sunny day or especially after it has rained to encourage the fresh air to circulate freely.  Having fresh air flowing through the house removes stagnant energy as well as blowing out the cobwebs.  Do this every day and you will notice a shift in the energy of your home.

Clutter is one of the most important things to tackle to help support positive energy flow.  Ensure your front entrance is clear of clutter such as shoes, bags and coats.  Tidy them away and create a clear pathway.  If you have a communal area try to keep it clean and clear of leaves and debris from the outside.  The entrance to the home is known as the mouth of chi and it is where your home receives its nourishment of positive energy. 

Get rid of unnecessary stuff.  Walk around your home in and out of every room and make sure you have clear paths and living spaces.  Get rid of things you no longer love, need or use.  Put things away in their proper places. Decluttering is a very effective way to bring a flow of positive energy into your life.

A clean and organised kitchen has the potential to bring prosperity and good health.   Get rid of expired, broken and empty food containers, unwanted items, etc. from your cupboards, shelves and fridge.  Clean your countertops, hob, sink and hard surfaces.  Organise your larder and clean kitchen appliances inside and out.

Pay special attention to those hidden areas that are missed on a regular clean such as under beds, furniture, cupboards etc.  Be mindful of what is under your bed, try to avoid anything with a negative association.

When you have cleared the clutter and cleaned it is also recommended to cleanse the energy of the home with a Space Clearing ceremony.  The build-up of negative energy over time will cause stagnation and blockages in the positive energy flow and in time can affect the occupant’s health and their lives.  Space Clearing creates room for expansion, helping you to manifest what you want in life.  This is because clearing the energy field in your living space and your aura allows clearer messages to be sent to the Universe, and because a space is created for something new to enter your life.  It also helps to clear out the past and helps you to be fully present in the here and now, giving you the best environment for spiritual growth.

For a simple cleansing, open your doors and windows and burn sage as you walk around your home visualising the smoke going into every corner taking the negative energy out and encouraging the positive energy coming in.

Fresh flowers and plants can also help lift the energy of your home.  Some plants are also natural air purifiers.  The bigger and leafier the plant the better.  Some good plants to have in your home are the Chinese Money Tree, Snake Plant, Rubber Plant, Spider Plant, Peace Lily.  Take good care of them and remove any dead or sickly plants.

Your home is your sanctuary and if you can implement some of these suggestions it is likely you will feel an improvement in the energy of the home and this in turn will help support your home for health, relationships and prosperity.