2On Wednesday 5 October 2022 we started an Open Forum with Feng Shui Expert Advice
There’s a huge world of expertise and decades of professional experience within our membership. One way to get to know our society Members is to attend our brand-new Expert Forum. If you are in the UK and listen to BBC radio Gardeners’ Question Time, then you will have a sense of what we are aiming for, the opportunity to ask questions and receive guidance, potentially from more than one point of view.

By offering this FREE Expert Forum on Zoom, we invite participants from all over the globe to join in. All are welcome.

Your Feng Shui Experts were:

Feng Shui Experts with 50+ years of combined feng shui knowledge, wisdom and experience will answer all your questions.
More about Chrissie https://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/find-a-consultant-3/chrissie-parker-2/
More about Jan https://www.fengshuisociety.org.uk/find-a-consultant-3/jan-cisek/

Watch the whole webinar here

During the webinar, we had several interesting open-ended questions such as

Toilet and “money going down the drain…”

  • “I do have a question and it is regarding a client’s home I am currently advising on. She is having an extension built.  The toilet for the downstairs and for the bathroom upstairs have ended up in the same sector which is the South East.
  • My client has read that drains have an impact on wealth – i.e. money going down the drain.
  • What are your thoughts on the location of the toilet/bathroom in the South East?
  • What elemental remedies would you suggest?
  • I am mindful that there are lots of levels of Feng Shui going on as flying stars could also be taken into consideration and having a bathroom/toilet where there are bad stars would be a good thing. Hope this question brings up some debate about the location of the bathroom in the home and remedies to use.”

Good fortune corner and lack of sunlight

  • “Question I have a missing Good fortune corner but it does not get any real sunlight. Though I have plants they don’t grow to any height. The wind also whips round that space. A wall either side open at the front.
  • How do I resolve to maintain a stable Fortune area?”

Silver bullet remedies…?

Hi Jan
I was wonder if you could recommend any  Chinese feng shui shops that I could shop at in London I am having extreme money problems and also very poor health I’ve heard feng shui bracelets can help could you please reccomend anything and where to go to shop is it China town unfortunately I live in XXXXXXXX  People keep saying how this bracelet has changed their lives and made them rich and sorted all health problems. I have sent you a picture. Kindest regards  XXXXXXXX

Problems sleeping…

“Since I’ve moved to this flat, I have problems with sleeping. I’ve tried different positions for my bed in my bedroom but I haven’t noticed any significant difference. What feng shui remedies can you recommend for this? Many thanks “

There were also questions related to electro-smog and comments from feng shui consultants regarding the quality of the air and so on. Watch the whole webinar above and subscribe to our YouTube channel.

Next dates for Open Forum FENG SHUI EXPERT ADVICE 
Wed 7 December 2022, 7pm UK time

For future events – bring your burning feng shui questions about your home or workspace business, submit them in advance, and you could receive some life-enhancing advice. You might even be a feng shui practitioner working on a client project and would like some further input. We have planned for three dates (the first Wednesday in the month) starting in October on the 5th and then 2 November and 7 December.

These initial events will be offered free of charge. We plan to have 10 questions for experts on a first-come first-served basis. There’s always a learning in listening to advice given for other people’s projects so attendance will not be limited. Please email your short questions to membership@fengshuisociety.org.uk

Questions (ideally, numbered, short and to the point – 100-200 words and you can include plans or photos) need to be submitted 48 hours before the event to membership@fengshuisociety.org.uk or just turn up and ask them live.

  • All questions are welcome and valid
  • If you have visuals it is easy to share them via Zoom screen share function or email them to us membership@fengshuisociety.org.uk 
  • Be mindful of your personal privacy (sensitive questions can be asked at the end after recording)
  • What is your level of feng shui understanding, knowledge or experience i.e. beginner / intermediate / professional expert?

Bookmark this page for further details and WATCH other OPEN FORUM #1 webinar 

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