The Feng Shui Society Podcast is now on its second episode and is already proving to be a hit among members and listeners. The feedback has been extremely positive, with listeners agreeing that it is a fresh approach to understanding more about Feng Shui. 

In this second episode, Sam Baud chats with Victoria Mohajerin, as she eloquently talks about Period 9 – a hot topic with Feng Shui practioners, students, and enthusiasts. Victoria provided some amazing insight and also injected a good dose of common sense which, lets face it, we all need every now and then. Some of the key learnings from this episode were:

* Has Period 9 already arrived?
* What does Period 9 represent?
* Practical steps for working with the #9 Star, as well as the #2 and #5.

What I loved most about this episode was the one important reflection that Victoria brought up, reminding us that changing our Feng Shui goes hand in hand with changing our own inner landscape. Our actions and commitments are equally important in accommodating the changes we want to experience. As within, so without. 

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