The first much-anticipated World Feng Shui Summit took place, online, over the weekend of 28/29 November 2020. Huge thanks go to Anusha Arulvel, Joao Borges and the Feng Shui Society Committee for hosting and organising this fantastic event which was attended by nearly 300 enthusiasts from 29 different countries. Over the weekend, six world-renowned Feng Shui “greats” generously shared their knowledge and expertise, captivating and inspiring the audience with their chosen subjects.

Professional Feng Shui and Destiny consultant, author and lecturer Grand Master Raymond Lo, opened the summit with his predictions for 2021. With his humour and insight, gathered from decades of experience, we were lead through his forecasts for the coming Yin Metal Ox year. Fear, military coups, anti-government sentiment and natural disasters were softened with the predictions of increasing space exploration and indications of a gradual recovery in energy industries and the worlds of entertainment, fashion and media.  Hoping for some end to the turmoil of 2020, the audience was left in no doubt that, although looking marginally less doom laden, 2021 was going to throw it’s own set of challenges at the planet!

Studying, practising and teaching Feng Shui, worldwide, for more than 30 years, Joao Borges was next to speak. Joao shared his passion for the I Ching, introducing us to the three methods of divination; Form, Plum Blossom and Wen Wang Gua and the differences between them. He explained the world of Chinese metaphysics – the world of absolute versus the world of relativity and our relation within it. Joao went on to share the development of trigrams and formation of hexagrams with their meanings, as well as how to use the I Ching and numbers for divination. A really fascinating and tantalising insight into a clearly complex subject!

Simon Brown, Chair of the Feng Shui Society, international teacher and best-selling author, was next to take the floor. Simon has worked with many well-known businesses over the last 30 years, helping them to create the perfect business environment. Speaking on applying Feng Shui to working remotely, Simon explained the process he goes through to find out what each business or person needs in order to achieve the goals they have laid out. Using this as a base, he went on to give a very comprehensive explanation of how we can choose and improve on our environments to support our work. Useful tips included desk and chair choice and where to sit to make the best of the qi flow in a given space. A very topical, helpful and thought-provoking talk with plenty of practical suggestions to be tried by all who are working remotely.

Day two of the summit was opened by Grand Master Dr Stephen Skinner, internationally acclaimed author and lecturer, who is credited for bringing classical Feng Shui to the west. His talk on Feng Shui’s relationship to the physical world took us on a journey from luo pan compass reading, positioning of houses and their environment and the flow of qi through interior rooms to the less known practices of door tilting and pagoda building to deflect and harness qi respectively. His astounding depth and wealth of knowledge raised many interesting questions and challenged some quite established beliefs.

Next Patricia Lohan, authoress and founder of Powerhouse Feng Shui, took us to the next level and gave an inspiring presentation on art and Feng Shui to help manifest dreams and intentions. It got us all thinking about what we have hanging on our walls and what is actually manifesting in our reality. Are we surrounded by images that will help us attain what we want, or are they actually blocking us?  She went on to make useful suggestions of ways in which we could start turning our homes into vision boards for what we actually wanted to achieve or have manifest in our lives.

Madam Dr Lily Chung was the final speaker of the conference. An author and teacher, world-renowned in Chinese metaphysics, she has dedicated her life to I Ching, Bazi and cosmic flow, teaching both in China and in the USA. Her topic was on analysing the Bazi of the USA. Highlighting the complexities of the subject she told us of America’s rich, resourceful foundation and capable ancestors, protected by a guardian angel and guided by two noblemen. Lily also spoke of the void in America’s protective wall which has lead to terrorist attacks and today, the attack of Covid 19. She went on to reveal the elements contributing to the country’s day master and its external influences, emphasising these through key events in American history. An interesting talk and a privilege to listen, especially for all those passionate about Bazi.

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Many thanks to everyone involved for a truly enlightening weekend!

By Victoria Meeke