In Feng Shui, we consider the first day of the new Lunar year to be the 4th of February, disregarding the actual date of Chinese New Year, which changes every year.

The 4th of February is the first day of Spring, bringing new energies in and this is the time for us to update the flying star charts of our houses with the annual stars for 2021.

Of course, a relevant Flying Stars analysis would not only rely on the annual stars, but also on the stars related to the period the house was built (Period, Mountain and Water stars), this is why the following focuses on the most important Feng Shui cures to apply in 2021.

This year, we have stars 2 and 5 flying respectively in the North and in the South-East palaces. As the Earth energy of those two stars is quite inauspicious at the moment as we are in period 8, it needs to be weakened with the Metal element.

I would recommend to put Metal in the North and South-East palaces especially if you have a bedroom there. This can be done by using any object in actual metal (brass, silver, gold, tin, steel, bronze or copper), circular objects (a round mirror will do for example) or by using the white, gold and silver colours to paint the walls or as decoration accessories.

By Genevieve Carle