Message From the I Ching
For  2024-2044
Lily Chung

Chinese metaphysics has elaborate systems to view the human space by set periods of time span which could vary from one year to hundreds of years. Each time period is typically designated with a hexagram. The total system is termed as Feng Shui Periods.

In the one-year period system, 60 different hexagrams are used in one rotation of 60 years.  For example, the hexagram for year 2020 is Ming I, 明夷, #36 in the I Ching order, meaning being attacked and getting hurt. Its line commentaries illustrate the procedure to handle the disaster.  How valid? Our current messy global scene is probably reflecting a telling picture on the message of the hexagram. This is just an example briefly showing how each hexagram works in each Feng Shui period.

Our focus is, however, on a longer time period of 20 years. The system has a total of 180 years dividing into nine equal periods, numbering from one to nine.  We are currently at the 8th period ending in 2023.   General consensus agrees year  2020  (February 4) as the beginning year of the transitional time between the ending  8th and coming 9th periods. This should be the optimal time to gain some insight of the 9th period, officially starting 2024, with Li.  , #30,  Rotating Sun, as its leading hexagram. Let us check on the key attributes of the hexagram.

The Hexagram: Li, 離, #30,  Rotating Sun

The hexagram has two trigrams of Li, which, in the Bagua system (8-trigrams), means the Sun, the eyes, south and middle-age woman, and the element of fire. This attributes work together to deliver a picture of our space in the next 20 years.

The Sun:  While there is only one Sun in the world, two suns in a roll represent a process of sun set and sun rise, with line 3 as the sun setting and 4, the rising. Two rotating suns could mean two forces of competing powers, parties or countries, social/political/gender classes, or technologies etc..  During the 9th period, we  would see how power changing hands among countries, parties or classes. There are big fights between the setting and the rising suns, with the setting one desperately trying all brutal attacks to stay glaring as long as possible. Line 3 and 4  would be the most turbulent time.

The automation from high tech, worldwide turmoil and economic depression resulted from the setting sun have created a global army of desperate dependents stumbling to take sides for protection and provision. Li hexagram, in fact, steadfastly encourages individuals to take strenuous efforts to locate a good provider and preaches rules to be a successful dependent. In years ahead, we will see increasing teaming or partnership activities among people /countries as all are trying desperately to survive.

The Fire:  The recent dramatic global fires and explosions are adamant shows of fire power for the 9th period,  more to come in higher momentum in days ahead. Use of weapons is gaining ground.  On the other hand, water-related business, acting to challenging the Fire King will be defeated. The global scent is clear. Wood related business which supports the Fire King would do well.

The Eyes:  Eyes read and observe. The broken line within the two solid lines in the two trigrams of the Li, symbolizes the eyes and the act to hide our weakness with a hard shell as well.  Deceit and cheating will be a norm of life during this hard time. Li hexagram earnestly preaches the use of intense observation to stay vigilant.

Our eyes would be the hardest working body parts during the 9th period. Does it explain why Zoom with its two “distinctive eyeballs” of letter alphabet “O”,  has come out as the most demanding product in prevalent use, starting this very year? Business flowing with the natural flow thrives!

Female Gender:   In terms of human symbols, Li trigram symbolizes middle-age woman, or the middle ranking daughter.  Women in their prime age will take on an increasing leading role or make more waves. What does the middle ranking daughter do? In the traditional Chinese family, the first daughter  normally takes on more responsibility to help out in the family and consequently holds an advantageous position. The third (youngest in the Trigram order) one enjoys the most parental care and favoritism by being the youngest. The middle ranking one is caught in between, feeling deprived and yearning to share the dole from both sisters.

To survive, the middle daughter has to resort to the play of games and tricks to achieve her goal. This “Middle Daughter” mentality and behavioral mode typically symbolizes the approach of the prevalent disadvantageous majority of the period.

Finally the South of the globe, a region, a country or a city tends to make more headlines or gaining more prominence as time moves on.