from 250 years old Oak tree

from 250 years old Oak tree

According to Feng Shui, the Chi circulating in the earth spirally. Where the chi is moving near the surface: the land is fertile, the weather is mild and the sun is shining. The trees and plants bring forth abundantly, the water and the air are clean and fresh. In these places, people are happy and live in harmony.

SHA Chi is harmful energy. SHA Chi derives from negative surroundings both above and below ground and, depending upon its origin, can cause various harmful effects.
SHA Chi from below the ground causes sickness and saps energy and so a person may feel tired and apprehensive for no obvious reason.
SHA Chi emanating from the above-ground causes nervous complaints and illnesses. It may cause trouble in people’s personal life such as marriage breakdown and financial concerns, whether personal or relating to business.


Our experience with a sick oak tree was exactly proving the above symptoms and negative events in our lives. I would like to share my recent personal experience of Sha Chi on our property and how it affected our lives.

The Royal Oak on our premises was estimated 250 years old when we moved in. Year by year it was loosing more and more small branches and getting less and less fresh green leaves in springtime. As it was a protected tree and could not be removed without Council approval. We did our best to look after it by pruning and feeding it. Nevertheless, it lost more and more vitality every year. This year we had to make a decision about its removal as it was almost barren and had no life in it. As the tree was also close to the house there was a danger of accident during storms or strong winds. See attached picture.




The Council has officially declared the tree dead so legally there was nothing in the way of removal. Being a Feng Shui Master I started to look for an auspicious date so that the works go smoothly and even the weather is good. Consulting the I Ching I managed to find out that September is the most suitable month. September this year is a double

Yang metal monthpage2image46783184page2image46791712. It is clashing best with page2image46787968page2image46786928representing the tree. To cut the tree down we need a clashing or destroying energy. The quality of the page2image46774080month is clashing best as page2image46763680Yan representing the tree.

The 3rd of September was a page2image46775328day and an Establish day in the Tung Sung. It also occurs after the 2nd CHI. So the double metal quality page2image46768048of the month and the day are strengthened three times. So the date 03.09.2013 seemed a very suitable date for the removal of a 46-tonne huge tree.

As the works were to carry out for several days I also looked at the weather conditions. Luckily I found that most days /3rd 4th and 5th September/ had Choi in them and no Gun or Fu. So sunshine and dry conditioned were to be seen.

The I Ching as an ancient oracle was precise by helping to choose the right time for the tree removal. The works were carried without any major damage to the existing garden. Nobody was hurt and the work team was in a good mood all the time performing their best. The weather was nice and sunny no danger of rain for the whole time. As tree came down and was cut open you could see how very sick and rotten it was inside. See attached picture.




Oaktree trunk rotten and dead inside It had not only left three big holes in the ground after removal plus surrounding three bushes had to go with it but more importantly something else started to happen in our home and our lives.

We started to feel more liberated as the massive sick energy Sha Chi was removed from the garden. Also, money owed to us started to be paid into accounts. A lawsuit we have been struggling for years took a turn for the better.

My Feng Shui business was also blocked. I have received calls with people asking about my Feng Shui consultations. I have informed them also in writing but they never came back to me, this happened 80% of the people calling about Feng Shui Consultations.

As soon as the sick oak tree was cut down the telephone started to ring in my office and potential clients came back with their orders.