The strongest energy of
the Spring season

The strongest energy
of the Spring season

What is the quality of Wood like?

The Chinese character for Wood represents a treepage1image52931760. The vertical line is the trunk and the horizontal is the Earth. The lower lines are the roots and the top is for the branches. In nature the color of Wood is green.

Looking into the Chinese Lunar Calendar for Spring months

In Chinese astrology, the season of Wood is the Springtime. The time of the rising energy.

March is symbolizing the Rabbit (Yin) Wood month. February was the Tiger month in the Chinese calendar. 21st March is the beginning of Spring in the Northern Hemisphere according to the Solar calendar. Trees, bushes, and Spring flowers are bursting with new energy.

Look at the Spring flowers bursting with new energy here


Which room is the Feng Shui position of Wood in an ideal home?

Energetically, Wood represents Chi that is rising, growing and moving upwards. Therefore in an ideal home with Feng Shui design the East or South-East rooms are the best locations for a child’s room. They are good for young people’s energy.


Sir Richard Branson
Famous entrepreneur
and multimillionaire
Sir David Attenborough
Famous BBC documentary filmmaker
and biologist
What do Sir Richard Branson and Sir David Attenborough have in common?

Both are born in the year of the Tiger. The Tiger is representing the Yang Wood element in the Chinese Astrology. Both of them have a sense of structure or order to be able to grow. They are strong Wooden personalities. They were able to assert themselves in unconventional ways. Both of them have humor and can exercise calmness in mind which is also typical for Wooden person.

John Lennon
Beatles founder, song-writer, revolutionary
What happens if a Wooden person’s frustration and anger are blocked?

John Lennon is a typical Wood type person who did not want to accept the conventional rules and was rebelling against them. He was blessed with an exceptional talent for playing music and writing beautiful lyrics for songs.