2020 in the light
of the 9 Star Ki


2020 in the light
of the 9 Star Ki

“Never go against the flow” is a natural movement in almost every phenomenon of nature.

Human Being, however, as a creative Being with its expression of free will, often has a natural tendency to row against the tide, running out of effort and lack of acceptance of the present moment.

To inspire the smooth flow of our movement in 2020 I offer this article and I invite you once more to know or recognize this powerful tool of self-awareness that is the 9 Star Ki and to wake up to the pace that the new year brings to each of us according to the hidden symmetry of our birth date.

The 9 Star Ki is rooted in I Ching – The Book of Changes, which is over 4,000 years old. However, the calculations required for its interpretation are very simple and easy to use, making it an easy method for recognizing our natural rhythm and relationships. It is based on the model of the five elements of Chinese philosophy, more specifically on the Bagua trigrams which, in turn, are symbolically expressed as numbers 1 to 9.

This symbolism of the elements is an expression that gives us very clear and precise clues on how to adapt our personal movement to the annual cosmic rhythms.

This method teaches us that each of us, according to your year of birth and according to this calculation is associated, a trigram and a star that is numbered 1 to 9. From this association between stars and trigrams 9 phases are born, throughout which our life unfolds and repeats every 9 years. It also teaches us that these stars assume 9 personality types that will receive the energetic quality of the 5 elements of nature. Thus we have: an energetic personality type Water star 1; a Fire, star 9; three personality Earth types, stars 2,5,8; two Wood, stars 3 and 4; Two Metal Stars 6 and 7. So, first of all, everyone reading this article should know its energetic essence or Ming gua. For those who do not know, I explain the calculation here, it is very simple: add all the digits of a year of birth until we get a result between 1 and 9. Then, we will decrease this result to 11 and get our essence.

Eg: Ex.:2+0+2+0= 4      11-4=7 Metal 7

However, be aware: The beginning of the year for this calculation is slightly different. Thus, those born until February 3 or 4, still belong to the previous year. And these February 3/4 dates are not watertight, they change year by year. If you are born between February 1st and 5th, to find out which year you belong to correctly you should consult a specific calendar.

This year 2020 flows under the baton of Metal 7 and the Solar calendar changes on February 4, 2020. Thus, all children born between February 4, 2020 and February 2, 2021 are born on the matrix of the Metal Yin element.

I share here the advice of Master Takashi Yoshikawa for the Ming Gua (essence number) 7:
“Money is important, but there are many other things in life that are, too, especially the development of sincerity that can improve everything in your life. Beware of arrogance! “

Resuming, this art is based on the principles of Chinese Metaphysics in particular in the perception of time as a circular movement in which we are invited to experience throughout our lives a rhythmic movement completely connected with the rhythm of nature of which we are an integral part.

In this vision each dawn follows the deep night and it´s rising light has its fullest expression at noon and then manifests a downward movement of energy until it reaches the depth of night again. Each winter with its peak of Yin at the winter solstice, where we are now, gives room for yang to manifest in the rising resonate of spring that transforms into the summer heat, after which all nature recedes in the inner movement of autumn falling asleep in a new winter.

Time, viewed in this way, is a circle, the so-called eternal circle where the 5 rhythms, 5 transformations or 5 elements manifest. Each year we are invited to live has, from this perspective, the movement of each of these rhythms that have 9 symbolic qualities of energy that will resonate with our essence in a unique way.

Let’s see how:

This year Star 7, Yin Metal will be in House 5- Earth Energy

House 5 on the 9 Star Ki is called “the eye of the hurricane.” As in the hurricane analogy, in the center there is calm and stillness; Thus, this year the 7 Star Yin Metal are invited to take on a rhythm of observation, quietness pondering. The most visible feature of this cycle is its unpredictability. It can bring a lot of power and success if sowing, care and attention has been given to what they have planted in previous years. However, the unpredictability of this cycle can bring an illusion of personal power that, like any illusion, is not real. So, better than big decisions and movement is to wait, take care of the center, because everything around you will be moving very fast and the right attitude is: if something comes to you, accept, it is life or karma that gives you back. But the suggestion is not to seek or provoke major movements or decision making.

 8 Star, Yang Earth will be in House 6- Yang Metal Energy

By 2020 Ming Gua 8 has a new opportunity to learn to take personal power and take more responsibility. We are in the harvesting phase of the previous cycles and as such is a phase that usually brings work and more responsibility. This is a good opportunity to put the house in order, metaphorically or even literally. It’s a good year to learn about Space Clearing and RE connecting with the most spiritual and inspiring side of life. As a positive influence this year’s pace will lead Ming Gua 8 to deal with leadership energy, initiative, self-control and authority. But as general advice is to pay attention to the excess control and little flexibility that this pace can bring. More than authority you can develop philanthropy. Do not isolate yourself too much. Talking, laugh or go dancing with friends remains a good way to deal with tension.

9 Star will be in House 7- Yin Metal Energy

Ming gua 9 are partying in 2020. House 7 is called the “harvest party.” After work comes fun. Thus, it is a cycle that invites, when used correctly, to live the best of life: traveling, being with friends, fun, relaxation. But attention: it is to spend what you have, not to exceed! It is a good year for financial investments when well managed. The harmony of this rhythm comes from enjoying the best life has to offer without, however, giving in to excesses. And since love is so important to Fire people, the best advice is really: fall in love! For life, for you or for someone special!

Water 1 Star will be in House 8- Yang earth energy

On a positive influence, house 8 brings the desire to internalize, a calmer pace and the promise of change for a better life that may not yet manifest, but it is the right time to model the changes that need to happen in the coming years cycles. To live this phase in harmony, the best thing for Ming gua 1 is to let this year’s soil bring good margins to its natural winding. Groundless Water can be overwhelming; with the right margins your movement easily finds shape and safe haven. And don’t forget, “the early bird catches the worm”!

 2 Star will be in House 9 – Fire Energy

In House 9 the rhythm is that of maximum expression, presence and notoriety. It is phase to bring to light of recognition all the projects that have in your drawer. It is also a phase when under a positive influence of rapid and favorable progress. However, the best advice will be: take care not to start big projects as it is an end of cycle phase and take care of the papers you sign. Read well between the lines! It’s also time to fall in love or to live the funniest side of life.

3 Star will be in House 1- Water Energy

House 1 brings the possibility and the favorable energy to dream a new beginning. Ming gua 3 may invest in personal study and development, and especially in the energy of the dreaming the dream. The advice is to get more rest and deepen what you already know. To live this house in harmony you have to take care of decreasing the rhyme and investing in yourself.

4 Star will be in House 2- Earth Energy

This is a slow but constructive phase of progress. It is the laying of the foundation for a fresh start or renewal. This is a good time to root projects and partnerships. To live this phase in harmony the advice is that Ming gua 4 release excess internally and also in the outer life. Clear life, feelings and thoughts. Free the inner and outer house. Good time also to take care of diet, both food and thoughts. Do not stop, but also do not try to run too fast as the cycle does not favor fast movement.

Star 5 will be in House 3- Yang Wood Energy 

Frantic, hectic but full of new opportunities is the invitation that this year brings for Ming gua 5. This is the home of rapid growth and opening new ways to move. To live this phase in harmony the advice is that Ming gua 5 accept the opportunities, but with a focus not to give in to the natural upheaval that is characteristic of this cycle. The intensity is not unknown to Ming gua 5 but be careful not to disperse.

Star 6 will be in House 4- Yin Wood Energy 

Growth, choice and maturation are the proposals for Ming gua 6 this year. To keep pace with this year’s rhythm, the internal process of making choices and letting it flow should be released. Good year for travel and project consolidation. The advice is to clearly communicate your needs and intentions to avoid misunderstandings and off-target arrows.


And I finish this passage through the 9 houses, 9 rhythms, 9 proposals. Life thus perceived, is an eternal opportunity for transformation, improvement, and learning in a spiraling movement that owes us ever deeper and deeper in vertical and deep time, and, also in the discovery and manifestation of our own verticality.

Just let it flow!