Why Feng Shui works


Why Feng Shui works

Over the last three years, following fifteen years plus of study into the origins and practices of Feng Shui, I concluded that scientific proof must exist that chi, natural energy patterns existed. So I went in search of confirmation. I was not disappointed. In this process I came across a number of books of which three have been particularly illuminating: 

  • “The Field” by Lynne Mc Taggart, published by Harper Collins
  • “The Tao of Physics” by Fritjof Capra, published by Flamingo
  • “Jacobson’s Organ” by Lyall Watson, published by Allen Lane

I am not a scientific person, but the more I began to read about the subatomic world of quantum physics, the more I realised the ancient Chinese had discovered just what made us and our environment tick. They gave their findings poetic and metaphorical names, obviously but they knew how it all worked. But since the 1950s scientists all over the world,  especially in Europe and North America, have been proving the existence of ‘chi’ energy and the interconnections between us and our surroundings, the vital web, the Tao.  The Beach Boys’ were right, everything really consists of ‘Vibrations,’ good, bad and otherwise. We know sound does, as do crystals and colours, but to that add taste, food, diet, air, objects, plants,  trees, lights, indeed everything which exists. We are picking up vibrations all the time from all the things which surround us, all the things we eat and drink, and more importantly, we are giving out these vibrations out as well. Where do these vibrations come from and what effects do they have?

Quantum Physics looks at the subatomic workings of particles and the waves of energy produced by everything that exists By the year 2000, American scientists were calling this ‘Dark Energy’, which  sounds like something out of ‘Star Wars’. Other terms include ‘The Field’ and ‘The Web’but this field was known to the  ancient Chinese as the Tao.More important however, is the tact that this energy has been proven to conduct constant, unconscious communication  between all things: what Buddhists like myself would call ‘subtle’ communication. Feng shui works within what we have  always known to be true, the connection between ourselves and our environment.

Everything (including ourselves) is made up of vibrating sub-atomic patterns, sometimes of particles, sometimes of waves. The ‘becoming and unbecoming’ as the Ancient Taoists called it, between the two, is random, and can change at any time; the cycles and processes of nature are in constant change – the alternation of yin and yang. These patterns are made up of natural vibrating electro-magnetic energy – a subtle ‘photon’ light which connects and affects us all. This is the Tao; we tap into it, we give to it, we take from it. The Tao is a pulsating natural vast  ‘Internet’ of pure potential which can be drawn upon, by tapping in to the right  frequencies, the right wave patterns, the correct vibrations. 

Meditators, healers, acupuncturists, psychics, healers, shamans, yogis – all tap into this same energy source. The Chinese, Japanese, Indians, Native Americans, Aborigines, Sufis all talk of the chi, the ki, the ‘singing lines’ – the natural energy which is there to be drawn on. 

In modern times, because of electricity, oil pollution, buildings, obstructions, some of these natural vibrations have been distorted by artificially made vibrations – leading to stress, illness, cancer, M.S., M.E., aggression and selfishness.

The energy vibrations given off and taken in by everything in the ‘Web’, are simple, electrically charged resonances, in a kind of digital code which our bodies and indeed everything else in the Cosmos can tune into and use, absorbing its information and creative potential. These electrical charges of energy are constantly reacting and responding to each other. The vibrations – the natural energy, or  ‘chi’ as some call it, is creative potentiality in its purest form and by enhancing, protecting and using the environment around us in a positive way, we can learn to tune into this creative potential and use it. Remember this is quantum physics not just ancient feng shui speaking. In Compass School Feng Shui the chi in different locations is seen to vary in composition and energy levels – yin/ yang and the five elements. This is just the ancient Chinese way of referring to these various and changing energy patterns. 

Quantum physicists would point to the natural environment, the winds and the weather as the manifestation of the differing electrical charges, the subtle vibrations all around us. This huge, endless field of energy connects us with one another and our surroundings, a ‘domino’ effect – in which changes in colour, movement, light, plants, and sounds will affect the vibrations, energy patterns and as a result our moods, our health, our feelings, our attitude. 

That’s feng shui in a nutshell! We are resonating human ‘tuning forks’ – harmonising with these vibrations – the cells of our bodies trying to pitch to the vast ‘tunes of the universe’, either tuning in or being in discord, with our environment all of the time. No wonder 1t affects us if we sleep in the wrong place if pointed corners speed up the vibrations if beams push them down at us. Now it all makes sense and it always did make sense – but some of us needed a scientific demonstration.

Feng shui is common sense. It is an ancient knowledge of the philosophical principles of the universe. The important thing is IT WORKS. But the vibrations – as we shall see, explain all other therapies, healing, natural ways of ‘de-stressing’, – even reincarnation and the death process – which I studied with

Tibetan monks and nuns. We are all part of the soup – the Tao, as is everything else. All in the Tao affects everything else in the Tao. We are part of it – it is part of us! Feng shui ‘tunes’ our world like a radio tuning in precisely to a frequency – cutting out ‘nasty’ interference – stopping the ‘jamming’. This natural energy, this ‘chi’, consists of electrically charged packets of energy – vibrational patterns. The closer the patterns rub together, close together and unite, the more likely something solid (ie matter) is formed. Our vibrations are unique and respond to the vibrations around us in general but in individual ways. Particular patterns relate to career, health, wealth, relationships and creativity tuning in. A famous physicist puts it simply – ‘Every time you use a toaster, the field around it changes its vibrations slightly throughout your environment’. That’s just one toaster, so look at all the other things, electrical, non-electrical which ‘pollute’ the vibrations, the natural energies, the potential around us. No wonder we are in such a mess. Feng shui minimises the interference and enhances the resonances – the good vibrations! Now quantum scientists tell us that every particle, every wave of energy, of this ‘natural electricity’, this weak and subtle ‘photon’ light dances, radiates its own vibrations, its own patterns. Some patterns create and grow, others, disintegrate and are lost – the constructive and destructive cycles described by feng shui experts for many centuries. Quantum physics also demands harmony, a balance, a meeting of positive and negative electrical charges: the timeless balance of yin and yang identified by feng shui and Chinese medicine for thousands of years. We ourselves are concentrated energy – not really (like all ‘solid’ objects) solid at all, We, like everything, vibrate in a harmonic natural pattern of dynamic energy flow. Then we surround ourselves with metal, plastic, microwaves, TV’s, mobile phones, electricity and wonder why we do not feel so good – we are losing the ‘music’, we are not tuned in – we have drifted off the right frequency and cannot connect. One scientist – Popp – proved the interaction of electromagnetic radiation, in its natural and more dangerous manmade forms, with biological systems. He proved that the vibrating ‘photons’ interacted with by vibrating fields of energy – causing the pattern of photons in our body [called by some people auras] to vibrate in tune with those around us. When those vibrations were natural and healthy – great – if unhealthy resonances were tuning our bodies, then illnesses such as cancer, MS, ME, depression were caused! Feng Shui tunes us into quantum packets of energy which can help us get through life, support us through hard times, create

potential and creativity to bring the best out of us during good times, protect us against the interference of artificial electromagnetic energy – poison arrows, shar chi.

Feng Shui tunes our environment and us, harmonising, energising – blending us together helping internally and externally. All DNA, all cells resonate, vibrate – a cell produces 100,000 chemical reactions per second. Each reaction produces a vibration, each cell liberates billions of vibrations – so the Tao, The Field, The Web, the soup of life comes into being. The production of the special vibrations – called morphogenesis – causes cell co-ordination and communication. They help the body play as an orchestra – in harmony, instead of the discord produced when unhealthy – artificially produced vibrations – ‘black streams’ – man-made electromagnetic fields – interfere with this building process. A scientist named Burr discovered that the energy field of each thing is unique. He noticed that a chicken’s energy field is the same as that emitted from an egg. The baby has an adult blueprint to work to. This pattern is within the object and also radiates from it – its aura. Changes in the patterns can produce growth, sleep, light, water, disease! By messing around with the energy patterns of a flatworm, Marsh and Beams discovered they could develop the head where the tail was and the tail where the head should be. These patterns got the proteins in cells to co-operate with each other. The proteins working together produced an electrical charge, this charge set off waves of vibrating energy, wave patterns -so the soup of life -the Tao is created –ever moving -everchanging. Later on, scientists discovered that these patterns varied, like those of the five elements, do, in cyclic rhythms. Serious illnesses seemed to be an interference with these rhythms. A ‘not  feeling right’ when ill, is exactly that. A loss of balance, a lack of harmony picking  up the wrong vibrations because of  ‘jamming’ and interference from the  environment.

In experiments with daphnia [water fleas], quantum physicists discovered that not only do they ‘suck up’, tune into, and take on vibrations from their surroundings but from each other. When some were placed in distress, the others picked up on this. This also happened with trees and plants. Wave resonance between things, between everything, produces a positive, creative, growth – enhancing communication ‘Internet’ ’email’ system. If this communication system is broken down, or interfered with – dis-ease, lack of ‘ease’ begins. By tuning in, the body can be balanced and harmonised with its surroundings, allowing the environment to help with healing – the internal is affected by the external and vice versa. This effect has been noted and used by the medical profession in its simplest form for years. Pleasant surroundings, pleasant music during an operation and then afterwards, help the healing. Patients facing trees and hills get better quicker better than those facing car parks and buildings. No surprise there surely? Hence the aquarium in the dentists’ waiting room. Water is considered very special in feng shui. Scientists such as Jacques and Benvensite have discovered that water carries a memory. Whatever has been in water remains as a vibrational echo within it. This explains homeopathy, Bach Flower Remedies and cell vibrations themselves, since a single cell and, therefore, a human body are made up mainly of water – water charged with electricity. Look at the vast amount of water on our planet and you begin to see why water has such a powerful effect. Interestingly enough, scientific research has also shown that mirrors carry a similar, if much more weak effect. Feng shui has always closely related water to its symbolism in mirrors in  Water in particular allows excellent clear direct cell communication, this resonating of wave patterns, called Quantitative Structure Activity Relationship, QSAR for short. Feng shui helps this communication process, helps reawaken the ‘memory’. Water is a good conductor of electricity and so, good for QSAR. All electromagnetic impulses will try to resonate with each other. This can be helpful, if the harmony is good, or bad if distorted by artificial vibrations – such as from pylons, electricity substations, phone towers. Water can help to rectify this or if the pollution is too bad, can be ‘poisoned’ by it – especially if flowing underground. The other amazing thing scientists have discovered about water is that not only does it retain the memory of things which have been contained in it and are no longer present, but it seems to amplify them and thereby the QSAR effect. Does this explain the healthiness of mineral water? The wonderful feelings of being by the seaside? The reasons why dragons – strong yang energy – need a view of the water? These harmonic vibrations are what the feng shui expert is trying to engender, to boost, to protect, to provide. Shar chi, poison or stagnant, sharp or dead energy acts as a distorter, a frequency scrambler – stopping the goodness – breaking down the interconnected web of life. Are then the Laughing Buddhas, the Kuan Yins, the dragons, the three legged toads, the three Star Gods all symbols of these energies? Or, are they even more important as beacons – a method of attracting the right QSARS and rejecting, pushing away the bad ones? Add windchimes, water and mirrors – lights where needed and the cocktail of feng shui enhancers looks very powerful indeed! All of our senses – smell, taste, hearing, but also our conscious and subconscious, constantly perform this important function forever with us on a subliminal level, otherwise we would not survive. Good vibrations are important to us and we know it. We are all constantly perceiving our world by sensing it, taking in information and then evaluating it. We constantly create our world by feeding off the electromagnetic vibrations around us and making decisions based upon them. This quantum information, these QSARS are the information patterns we need – we base everything upon them. We feed on the Tao, whilst giving back to the Tao – the soup in which we swim – the field of pure potential. So, everything is ‘picking up good vibrations’ – within the body, outside the body, between people, between the environment and people. If this communication system breaks down, discord prevails in the form of stress, illness, emotional tensions, and depression. A feng shui consultant follows systems

and methods proven for thousands of years. The alert receptivity which comes with experience allows the practitioner to ‘sniff out’, to tune into the vibrational patterns and sense distortions and disruptions. Feng shui ensures that your radio transmitter/receiver – i.e. – you – can get clear reception into and out of the Tao -the cosmic Internet, the constant giving out and taking in of signals from the Universe. Everything is interconnecting constantly getting and giving. To put it simply – everything is influenced by everything.

When this connection breaks down totally – we call it death, and the pattern of our energy vibrations returns into the Tao. Good vibrations within us can be encouraged by good vibrations out there in our environment; the feng shui expert can tap into, tune into, harmonise the patterns which we need around us – the patterns which are there, proved by many, many eminent scientists and quantum physicists. Our environment is so important to us, as we are important to it. But by its size, it must influence us more than we, as an individual, influence it. These ‘good vibrations’ can be taken wider and wider out from the workings of the body to the workings of the cosmos. At a subatomic, cell level, there is yet more proof of this vibrational communication between single cells within the human body. Individual cells talk to each other otherwise growth and healing would never take place but in these days of transplant surgery, more amazing examples can be found of how the system works in small and big ways. Scientists in America call this process metanoia. Organs from donors can produce changes of diet, habits, eating, thinking and – even maths skills. More amazing still, and this shows the communication – good vibrations at their very best, are stories – well documented now, of a heart transplant patient, who after his operation, kept having dreams of being shot in the head in a room full of red shelves. Eventually, he found the sister of his donor, who informed him that her brother had a bathroom with red shelves, in which he had committed suicide by shooting himself in the head.

A little girl with lung/heart transplant talked of ·an angel in her chest’, and how she, the angel, had been killed by a man with a hammer, behind a church -the  angel’s name was Christy. Doctors found that the donor was a little girl called  Christine known as Christy, who had  indeed been murdered behind a church by a man with a hammer. 

There are many such stories which I could quote. Not only does communication exist -QSAR, the memory of the cell and the subsequent transmission is happening all around us, all of the time.

It puts quite another perspective on reincarnation and the stories of Tibetan lamas doesn’t it? It also explains life after death connections, and even ghosts and the spirit world -through ‘memories’,  being kept within the Tao around us. Feng Shui then works with the communication systems and makes sure that all systems are working and  harmonising so that the consciousness can pick up on the dynamic possibilities of the energies which are all around us,  within us and without us, to quote George Harrison. The good vibrations are there for us to use. During our centuries of civilisation, we have managed to mess up and distort this chi through the addition of radiation, microwaves, oil and petrol, chemical and electric pollution -feng shui is aiming to balance out the situation as much as it can and return us to the natural equilibrium needed for us to operate our healthiest, strongest potential. The mutual interactions, the vibrating fields, waves and pulses of energy are there for us to tap into -the measured and meandering chi talked of in ancient Chinese texts.

So ‘May the force be with you’ Be sure that if it is not working WITH you, then it is surely working AGAINST you – pulsating away in endless rhythms of creation and destruction – coming and unbecoming – a ceaseless flow of energy – called by some Far Eastern philosophies the ‘Cosmic Dance of Energy’ As Tom Stoppard wrote, ‘Every exit is an entry to somewhere else.’ Live long and prosper.