The Dam breaks: the Earth Dragon Month, 2019

The Dam breaks: the Earth Dragon Month, 2019

The Dragon is said to live in the earth as a fish lives in water. In point of fact the term Dragon is used a thousand ways in Chinese tradition: its veins, the luantou are what carries the qi down from the Mountain to the Water; the left-hand side of a dwelling (looking out) is ruled by the Dragon, that is to say the left brain of rational thought; the astrological Dragon who rules April and the hours between 7 & 9am as well as the years 1940, 1952, 64, 76, 88, 2000 and 2012 is mercurial and explosive. The Chinese character zhen for Dragon, forms half of the ideogram for a thunderstorm, the bringer of sudden change. What all of these applications have in common is sheer power; by most accounts the Dragon is the most forceful of the Zodiac beasts.

Dragons themselves however do not necessarily thrive at times ruled by their totem. All that power entails ego and few Dragons are at ease in teams unless they are in charge or it’s a foregone conclusion that they’ve won.Other animals respond to this in a variety of ways.

In the Dragon Month, 5th April to 5th May:

Ox: May feel overshadowed. Her gentle yin earth nature is sometimes steamrolled by the yang of the Dragon. Be gentle with yourself..

Tiger: Often finds the Dragon tedious. Dragons often arrive at answers without doing the calculations which can madden the competitive Tiger.

Rabbit: Is said to gain at the Dragon’s expense. Rabbits can back a hunch this month or seek support with confidence.

Dragon: An immovable object and irresistible force. Give each other plenty of space.

Snake: Is the Dragon’s disciple but can be a bit flaky if he feels undervalued. Best to play the long game which calls for trust.

Horse: Is baffled by the Dragon. Stillness followed by eruption is alien to the spontaneous Horse and smart Horses keep their own counsel.

Sheep: Wants to be accepted and approved of. In a Dragon month it’s sometimes hard to tell who does and who doesn’t offer approval.

Monkey: Loves the Dragon but doesn’t really understand him. You may find you get to the bottom of your box of tricks this month. Throw away the script and improvise. 

Rooster: You’re in charge so use your power wisely. There are many frogs but only one is actually a prince. 

Dog: You’re in the way most likely and you haven’t noticed. Regular exercise will clear your head. Loyalty continues to bring approval, which is all you really want anyway isn’t it?

Pig: Has lots in common with the Dragon and much to learn from them especially about timing. Await your moment; not too soon, not too late.

Rat: It’s a good time to harness the Dragon to push along stuck projects. Essentially it’s time to go beyond the usual rational solutions.


Final note: The above are very simplistic assessments. No astrological analysis especially such a brisk one will ever do you full justice. You always have choice, you are as a wise man once said to me, the camera not the crisis.Nothing I or anyone else can advise will free you from the necessity to make decisions.

The best way to wring value from these very brief prognostications, remains to identify not only your Year Animal but those of Month, Day & Hour. You are, astrologically speaking, a cocktail of these and it’s as unlikely that all four are compromised at any given time as it is that they are all blessed. If in doubt seek an expert.