There’s a Flying Star at the Door

There’s a Flying Star at the Door

In flying stars feng shui, we talk about the water stars that enter through doors and windows. Water stars? What are water stars?

The term water star is used to describe qi which moves and flows like water. This qi is not visible to the eye yet it enters and moves through your home or office. In feng shui theory, the type of water star at the door can tell us how to use the qi to generate wealth.

The water star at your door is found from a flying star chart which is based on your floor plan. Devising that chart is quite in-depth and we’re not going to go into that in this article.


However, if you already know your water star for your door or are just curious, here are the nine possible water stars that could be visiting you:

Star 1 is the star of cleverness and wisdom. If this star is at your door it supports you in bringing new and ingenious ideas to your business or career. It also carries the type of energy that helps you deal with people.

Star 2 is the health and sickness star. If you’re in a medical or healing profession then this is a good star for your door.

Star 3 is the go getting wealth star. It supports those who need to fight to win such as lawyers, bankers or sales people.

Star 4 is the star of beauty, romance and artistic or literary accomplishment. Artists, designers, writers, beauty therapists, dating agencies and educators are all aligned with this energy.

Star 5 is the emperor star. If you want to dominate in your field this will support you.

Star 6 is the star of authority. It supports you in leadership roles and in bureaucratic or large organisations such as the government.

Star 7 is the star of revolutionary or innovative ideas. It’s ideal for you if you are in technology or digital marketing.

Star 8 is the star of consistent wealth generation. This star is about hands-on practical work which steadily builds up reputation and profits.

Star 9 is the star for publicity and networking. You can attract attention and bring people together when this star is at your door.

Knock, knock…. who’s at your door?

To find out how you can benefit from flying stars feng shui always seek out a professional to help you create a home or office which supports you in getting what you want.