The Epigenetic Consciousness Matrix of Buildings

The Epigenetic Consciousness Matrix of Buildings

by Christian Kyriacou


FSS Conference Speaker 2019

In the fascinating world of our relationship to home and the consciousness matrix of buildings, the harmonic code of spaces relate to modes in music, our inherent human DNA and to our emotions. We often choose our home by how it feels, mostly at a subconscious level – it may even have chosen us.

We are attracted, through resonance, to a particular country, land or house for a degree of resolution of life issues, whether we are consciously aware or not. Our journey often spans past lives, or parallel dimensions; this memory can be accessed through the Akashic field.

Our homes have a direct correlation with our quality of life. Our house is the mirror of our soul and reflects who we are: our experiences, ingrained patterns and learned emotional responses. Many factors make up the energetic patterns that create and run the underlying purpose of our lives.

Epigenetics refer to changes in our bio-chemistry as a result of environmental and social influences, which can overlay our genetic DNA and alter our perceived reality. While we have a degree of control and responsibility in shaping our own reality, when we change our living spaces, our attitudes to life and how we behave, we modify our neurological pathways. Epigenetic change to the phenotype without changing the genotype is a natural occurrence, which in turn affects how cells read our genes. Much ongoing research is taking place into how where we live and who we interact with influences our quantum thought processes.

The true sense of feeling ‘at home’ comes when our heart-waves synchronise with the heart of the house and merge into one. With no disparity or fragmentation in the energy fields, we can be at home in that space and at peace in our hearts. When our external home and ‘inner’ home are in balance, we align our heart harmonics to their original authentic code, allowing the potential for healing at deep cellular levels.

In this article, we consider; Matching patterns, Etheric Gateways, Sacred geometry, Invisible Temples, The Song of the Land, Conscious Architecture. The Alchemical Journey.

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Because our homes carry an imprint of what has happened in the past, we often find matching patterns in the lives of current occupants to those who have lived there before, sometimes long ago. Patterns typically repeat themselves in families and may even go back to previous lifetimes. Many people end up living in a particular house that reveals the personal blueprint of their lives. Finding the underlying reasons why a certain match has been ‘tapped into’ holds the key to resolving many of the issues that may be creating obstacles in their lives.

We arrive at a certain place or property owing to some degree of familiarity with our own life story. It is as if our soul is guided towards the next step on its journey, revealing aspects that may have remained obscured or deeply buried. The predecessor energies of previous activities that have taken place can influence us too, especially when those subtle energies are detrimental or even malicious.

In my work as The House Whisperer, I have met many people who have unknowingly been drawn to move to a particular location in order to put an end to the karmic cycle of action, reaction and conflict, bringing peace and healing for themselves, the ancestors and future generations. The ripple effect in the etheric matrix from events of past generations such as battle, trauma and even murder, leave scars deep in the psyche of the land and buildings. By identifying and unravelling the matching patterns that run our lives, we learn how people interact with their environment in a fusion of past and present purpose, becoming active participants in co-creating and shaping their future.

The programmed intention that exists at the entrance to our cities, towns, villages and even our own front door creates an embedded code that controls the etheric gateway. These psychic boundaries were once delineated by physical thresholds such as city gates and rural marker stones. The traditional ceremony of Beating the Bounds established ownership and gave acceptance into the community, reinforcing the connection with spirit of place. A metaphysical counterpart of any three-dimensional structure is often still in place like an invisible double. The energetic presence of these etheric portals continues to actively influence people.

Just as people have an individual Ki signature or vibrational code, a building likewise has a Ki signature code from the time of inception, which will run for its life-time and beyond, even after demolition. In some instances, we encounter thought-forms or restrictive barriers when others have consciously programmed the invisible boundaries of our home for reasons of controlling ownership. In other situations, a programme may have been created unintentionally through the emotions of the architect, builder or land owner. Whether intentionally programmed or a product of subconscious desire, this will create ‘controlled’ access to an area, public building, sacred site, or even your own home!

To gain entry into any space we need to be in correct alignment with the purpose and dedication of that space, at the right time and place. As we ask permission of the guardians of the gateways, our intention must be to cause no harm. The keys for access may be found by tuning into the harmonic code. When working with buildings through harmonics, I am often ‘given’ the code to lock or unlock a gateway or protective structure surrounding a building or person. This aspect of invisible space as the coded entry into other dimensions introduces us to the geometry, rhythm and melody of a place or building.

The properties of shape, geometric form, proportion and harmonic ratio in music, art and architecture, express a symbolic language that embody the laws of the universe. In Sanskrit, naama rupa means ‘name and form’. Each symbol or letter has a geometric shape with a corresponding sound, which activates intention and brings thought into manifestation. From this seed form (spota in Sanskrit), the coded programme explodes into creation as it unravels through the world of number and harmonic vibration, shaping the quality of the space around us. Coming into alignment with the resonance of that space helps to preserve its intended function, whilst tuning-in to the energies informs us more about that environment.

Through the etheric matrix in the Akashic field, which holds all knowledge, we can be in our truth, develop our intuition and work from the heart. By connecting with other dimensions we can use cosmic and earth energies to empower our lives. When we attune to the natural world, we acknowledge the power and beauty of the landscape. Share in the vitality of the elements by drawing into your home the fresh air, pure water, vibrant fire and expansive tree, plant and flower energies. Through breathing in and sending them back out, we cycle nature’s energetic gifts. In soaking up the fractal energies that form and nourish creation, we are feeding our soul and that of our house. Through its golden mean geometry and scent of high vibration, the rose especially has the power to transform consciousness.

The only geometry with no stress, where the waves cross at the node points, is the golden mean harmonic. This generative vibration of Mother Earth and natural rhythm of the loving heart relates to our DNA double (or multiple-strand) helix. It is the most powerful harmonic for linking into ‘All is One’. When this geometry is spinning in its natural, vibrant form and connected to our original blueprint, our ‘inner‘ home resonates in harmony with our external house and supports good health.

The relationship between the golden mean ratio and other sacred geometries inherent in the movement of the planets, natural forms, the human body and feng shui principles, can be experienced through creative visualisation and sacred sound. The harmonics of our voice reflect and reveal the state of our being, the local area and the land itself, including any geopathic zones or paranormal activity. Just as the vibrations of the natural world influence our voices, the landscape formations of hills and mountains, rivers and streams, shape our intonation, dialect and character.


Fig. 1  The Hexagram inherent in the 24 columns of Temple plan, Kefalonia, Greece


Fig. 2  The Golden Mean Spiral encompassing the Pentagram

The principles of balance and harmony exemplified in the yin and yang, the dynamic weave of feminine and masculine, is conveyed in the geometry of the pentagram and hexagram. The pentagram, the five-pointed star intrinsic in the golden mean harmonic, symbolises the feminine procreative power, the nourishing inner sanctuary within a structure. The masculine framework of a building supports and protects the feminine womb-space with the potential to nourish its occupants, as does the hexagonal honeycomb of a beehive (the bee itself embodies golden mean geometry in its design). In this sacred space, human consciousness can conceive new life or initiate re-birth at its highest potential. The hexagram or six-pointed star, intrinsic in the stable mineral world and crystalline structure of water, is represented by the two interlocking triangles of the masculine blade and feminine chalice – the sacred marriage – a concept beyond rhetoric, the expression of Love.

‘Let no one ignorant of geometry enter.’ (Plato)

The intangible world of light and sound, integral to the energy matrix of nature, sacred geometry and harmonics, takes us into the realm of ‘invisible temples’. Landscape and etheric temples are emerging with the increasingly higher vibrations of our planet, bringing powerful healing potential for humanity and the earth.

Many of the great Gothic Cathedrals of Europe were built on ancient sacred goddess sites. As we enter these manifestations of invisible temples cast in stone, listen to the ‘whispers’ in the silence of space and feel the emotions encoded in the proportions, we hear the ’music in the air’ as audible harmonics and experience their healing waves. Depicted over the west door of Chartres Cathedral is the Vesica Piscis, the almond shape or amygdala formed by the intersection of two circles, representing the movement from unity to duality. The union of feminine and masculine within the geometry brings forth the birth of ‘an-other’, the Son or Christ Child.


Fig 3.  Vesica Piscis, Chartres Cathedral, France

Many ancient Masters describe architecture as ‘living books of knowledge’, its true purpose to convey the message that we are all part of the harmonic order of the universe with the potential to be united with a Higher Power. Our experience of walking through a sacred building or labyrinth, in fact any structure designed to capture and harness cosmic energies, unites the celestial and the terrestrial. The musical codes embodied in sacred architecture are portals into other dimensions of reality, connecting us with the universal harmonic healing matrix – alchemical gateways for personal transformation. Thus, the play of creation, with all its multifarious expressions, allows us to find our way back to the original source-point of unity. In our journey of self-discovery we recall and ‘re-member’ the broken links of our whole selves in relation to universal Oneness, the place of no beginning and no end.

‘Geometries are gateways to other dimensions.’ (Plato)

In the cosmology of the ancient world, the relationship of the people to Heaven and Earth enabled them to come into alignment with the energetic structure of land. Our ancestors understood the planet they inhabited as a sacred living being, with bands of telluric currents that snake around the Earth’s crust. In China they call them ‘dragon lines’, the Australian aborigines walk the ‘songlines’. These powerful earth energies were fundamental in locating their sacred sites. They recognised that if the proportions of their stone circles and temples were not in harmony, and their sites not in correct geographical alignment, the music would be out-of-tune and discordant. Dissonance, however, creates gateways into other dimensions from where all is possible. ‘Noise’ could therefore be considered harmony in the making. Unravelling its chaos implies there is intelligence, an intelligent seed within the heart of the memory matrix.

Likewise, a building can resonate to a musical mode or mood by its mathematical and geometrical design. A building that is out of balance will reflect discordant harmonics, and will respond by feeling pain – just as we do. For a well-balanced structure in perfect harmony, the metaphysical geometries need to be in right alignment. Any disturbance in the energy fields through negative thinking or traumatic events will in time result in the geometries becoming distorted. This creates fragmentation in the realms of invisible space, and can allow ‘dark’ energies to infiltrate the energy grids in our homes and workspaces. These manifest as thought-forms, spirit activity, ghosts and entities that get caught up in the energy fields, where they interact and multiply in the matrix. In the physical dimension, we feel this imbalance in the atmosphere of a building, making the space an uncomfortable place to spend time. Unless this fragmentation is addressed, the subtle influences and geopathic stress that pervade our homes and workplaces will impact on the health of our physical bodies, the life choices we make and our overall direction in life.

Just as ‘sonic scanning’ can detect energy blockages in our physical and emotional bodies, the same technique can be used with buildings. To recalibrate a sick building and dispel the effects of fragmentation, we need to clear negative energies and re-align the energy matrix grids. There are various ways to do this and re-establish a coherent heart-wave pattern, including tuning-up the body through sacred sound: the power of the gong and singing bowls, voice toning and Sanskrit chant. When the space is resonating to the healthy vibration of the golden mean harmonic, nothing can get caught up in the matrix. Any personal issues will find it difficult to linger in the web of denial; they will be exposed and stare you in the face until dealt with.

By spending time outside and sensing the invisible energies in your surroundings, you may become aware of a familiar resonant vibrational pattern that correlates to your own inner sense of self. As we sit in the fractal field and attune to the spirit of place, the soul of the land, we witness the silence in the sound, the still point at its centre. The practice of sounding our individual note and aligning our own vibration to the harmonic resonance of a space raises our consciousness and opens up energy portals – we can metaphysically travel through time and space.

Using sound as a conduit for energy to flow through a sacred site, hill fort, stone circle or temple, reactivation of the structure brings remembrance of its original purpose. We can make our structures resonate with creative harmonics through sacred sound, musical instruments, the voice, poetry and art. All creative endeavours connect with the energy matrix of light and sound and bring purification to our spaces. As we play, sing and dance, a site becomes alive and we share its joy. The musical signatures vibrate through physical and etheric sound patterns; with standing stones, this is truly a standing wave.

In former times, the suitability of the land was first considered before deciding upon the most auspicious place to locate a building. The ancients deemed it essential to walk the land and feel the patterns of earth energies to determine areas to avoid and those to venerate. They would even taste the earth for its sweetness! Above all, the land should be happy and speak to you. In applying these principles today, we must ask the spirit of place, ‘does the land wish to be built upon?’ When the answer is ‘yes’ and all other factors are satisfied, this sets the foundations of a good space and will ultimately benefit future occupants of the house to be built.

As well as considering access to the site and views from the location, the building should be designed with best alignment to one of 16 energy gates: both physical entrance gateways and etheric portals. Function and purpose are also important. A restaurant where people come to be nourished and socialise will have different energetic requirements to a family home or an industrial building, for example. Whilst the design may be optimal in the present, the energy gates or portals may in due course need re-adjusting to align with maximum earth and celestial flows.

These decisions were and still are made using intuitive perception. Throughout the construction process, the architect holds the vision of the original design concept. This enables the etheric fields containing the memory blueprint of the completed building to reach its highest achievable potential, ensuring that favourable energies flow unimpeded throughout the project. In my experience, it is possible to perceive the entire design in an instant, as time is no constraint in the etheric world. This makes it feasible to rest in that still core point and allow the design to come forward when ready; this witnessing enables the vision to unfold from the seed point, which holds full knowledge of all that is contained within.

The energetic qualities of the building materials used will help to create a coherent space with a synchronised heart-wave resonance between the occupants and the building. Conscious architecture which supports design and development to the harmonic principles of nature is about creating geometries of dynamic forms using a variety of ecological materials, all with different vibrational chi values. One of the main qualities of certain materials applied in correct combination with others is to maximise the energy charge. The eco-friendly aspects of holistic design both reduces environmental damage by avoiding the use of toxic chemicals and has a low impact on destroying life-force chi and wasted kinetic energy. The use of low carbon local materials that retain resonance with native tree, earth and river life also optimise the health values of a structure. A building correctly designed and built of organic materials, with an energy blueprint that holds memory of its original purpose, will resonate with nature’s fractal harmonics. Buildings that can physically and energetically breathe allow people and animals to do the same, keeping our chakras spinning in healthy balance. We are then better able to cope with disturbed earth energies and pollution encountered in everyday life.

The trauma of bad design occurs when we do not bring the soul into architecture. The building remains just a heap of physical materials with no coherent holding pattern at an energetic level, giving our heart-waves little prospect of healthy resonance in the space. Whilst the harmonic of a structure can be changed through space clearing and re-alignment, it is also possible to transmute the vibrational code of harmful materials by neutralising their scrambled geometries or merging them back to earth, lessening the impact on current out-of-phase vibrations. Disruptive frequencies caused by geopathic or ‘negative’ energy lines can be rebalanced and locked back into their original grid patterns. Only when these harmful energies are taken out of three-dimensional reality to resonate with higher vibrational frequencies can our environment be cleared of vagrant forces. By tuning-in and absorbing them momentarily into our cognitive awareness and changing our own reality to a higher level, do we align with the quantum fields beyond time and space – the invisible cross-communicator of universal consciousness.

Designing a building is analogous to composing a musical symphony, where each part interacts with the vital energy signature: harmony, rhythm and melody blend together to elevate the spirit and inspire the soul. As nature designs on the principles of pure geometry to sustain life-force for raising consciousness, the same should be reflected in the physical world of buildings. To incorporate the golden mean ratio and other sacred geometries into the overall proportions of a structure adds a metaphysical element, allowing a building to be nourished by universal healing energies.

More than ever, to create vibrant, healthy new spaces and transform existing buildings that house our physical needs and uplift us energetically, mentally and spiritually, we need to integrate the wisdom of the ancients into contemporary architecture through sacred sound, harmonics and sacred geometry. The use of ecological building materials and sacred geometry work independently, but together bring added value. In creating ‘shareable waves’, they evoke memories of our innate genetic and spiritual birth-right, encouraging all to resonate at the coded blueprint frequency for which they were conceived

Our home is a sacred vessel that reflects our dreams and innermost secrets of our lives, embodied in the sacred weave of the feminine and masculine. We may perceive a house to be an inanimate object, but in the human co-creation of reality we are not separate from the consciousness of our homes. When we recognise and identify with the being-ness of the house, it will speak to us on many levels. To become conscious of the interwoven layers of our homes, not to mention a multitude of entities and disembodied spirits, can illuminate the patterns that led us there in the first place. Exploring the programmes running in the energy grids of the cosmic matrix that holds the predecessor imprint of the building may reveal much more going on below the surface. In the quest to understand our life’s purpose and resolve certain issues, we discover the reasons why we were drawn together at the outset.

A deeper relationship manifests when we engage with a sense of our own personal resonance to the harmonic Ki signature of our homes. To penetrate the primordial intelligence of the universe opens up gateways to bring the inherent genetic coding of our buildings and the land into the same vibration as her people. In weaving ancient wisdom into modern context, bringing the heart of a person into resonance with the heart of their home is expressed, enhanced and sustained by the metaphysical elements of sacred space. As capacitors of cosmic and earth energies, the harmonic structures of our buildings play a vital role in supporting the alchemical journey of the soul. We can choose at any time to open or close the door to the inner sanctum of our being. By unlocking our energy centres and experiencing the light of initiation of the illumined soul, we connect with the higher geometric frequencies of the matrix – the true meaning of ‘enlightenment’.

Christian Kyriacou, RIBA, MCSD, architect and musician, developed a deep emotional connection with the Soul of Buildings from an early age. As The House Whisperer, he fuses classical principles of architecture with contemporary modalities. His work has taken him into thousands of homes and architectural spaces where he has gained knowledge and experience in understanding the correlation of people’s lives in relation to their spaces. Co-founder of the London School of Feng Shui, he runs workshops on a wide range of subjects including dowsing and sacred architecture.