Who’s in charge?:
the Fire Tiger Month, 2019

Who’s in charge?:
the Fire Tiger Month, 2019

An interesting thing about the Pig is that its Elemental make-up is identical to the Dragon. Which makes this in many ways the Dragon’s year. But they/he/she will have to time it right.

February – the most helpful month for Pigs btw – is when most Dragons face pivotal decisions – globally, domestically, romantically, commercially and other. Which could so easily go wrong. If we can own that we get the leaders we deserve (that is on some level we chose them) we may have reached peak-Trump (& peak-Brexit). If not, maybe not. There’ll be another fork in the road in early August when the yang Metal of the Monkey Month sparks the last of the Fire season. And at that time, at least for vested interests, the runes do not look helpful.

Meanwhile in this Tiger month in this Pig year, here’s what you have to look forward to:

Ox: On the back burner and relieved to be there.Quiet time till July. Not the time to gamble. Use your great sensitivity er….sensitively.

Tiger: Famously powerful, notoriously variable, Tigers tend to get their own way this month. For better or worse; use wisely, Tigers often not so great active listening.

Rabbit: Profitable to both gamble and gambol. It’s a second in command kind of month.

Dragon: Timing! There is, to coin phrase, a time for every purpose under Heaven.

Snake: Neither Pig nor Tiger on your side. The simple truth is your best guide.

Horse: One of your most supportive times. Run wild, run free, perhaps not rampant.

Sheep: Loyal cohort of the Pig. Doors are starting to open for you now. Push.

Monkey: Butt of Tiger, adversary of Pig; best keep your head down and mind your own business. Poorly phrased or timed jokes could backfire. Zip it!

Rooster: Confusing; bountiful prey but little agreement from your peers. Manners!

Dog: The most loyal, the most stubborn; the most immovable, the most restless. You choose. Pig is a whole year when you’d do well to be alert. Know who your friends are.

Pig: Self-clash. You need space, also compassion. Know the difference between enthusiasm and the gang mentality.

Rat: Yang Water in a yin Water year, now confronted with pure yang Wood; under-powered. Best to work within those limitations.


Final note: The above are very simplistic assessments. No astrological analysis especially such a brisk one will ever do you full justice. You always have choice, you are as a wise man once said to me, the camera not the crisis.Nothing I or anyone else can advise will free you from the necessity to make decisions.

The best way to wring value from these very brief prognostications, remains to identify not only your Year Animal but those of Month, Day & Hour. You are, astrologically speaking, a cocktail of these and it’s as unlikely that all four are compromised at any given time as it is that they are all blessed.