Where to place

Feng Shui plants

Where to place

Feng Shui plants

A question which is often asked is where do we place plants for good feng shui? According to the theory of flying stars it’s good to place water bamboo or fresh flowers on the star number 4.

Star number four is said to be wood element, when we place a living plant it enhances the wood element qi. Where do we find the number four star? During 2018 the star number four is in the South of your home or office. This means it’s ideal to place some water bamboo or fresh flowers, in a vase of clean fresh water, in the South.

Clean water is important in feng shui.

What about plants in pots with soil? Let’s start answering this question by talking about where not to place them. At night pot plants want oxygen. Avoid placing pot plants in your bedroom because they will be competing with you for oxygen whilst you sleep.

Bathrooms are good places for pot plants. In the bathroom there’s a lot of flowing water. In the theory of the 5 elements, water generates wood and earth controls water. Plants are wood element and soil belongs to the earth element, according to the feng shui philosophies of the five phases, also known as the five elements of qi. Placing pot plants in bathrooms balances the presence of water. Wood absorbs water and earth guides the water like the banks of a river.

Another popular question is are there some plants which are better for feng shui purposes than others?

Some feng shui folks say that plants with broad leaves are better than plants with sharp leaves. I don’t think this should be taken to literally. Whilst Feng Shui fans do not like to see sharp edges pointing at us, the leaves of a plant are not hard and pointed enough to direct attacking energy.

The famous money plant has got a reputation for being a good feng shui plant. This is because when the leaves dry and they are a silvery colour which looks like pieces of silver. Money plants like sunlight so it’s good to place them somewhere where they can catch the glowing rays.

Beauty is the most important feng shui principle to follow, so place plants somewhere where they’ll thrive.