Feng Shui Society

Conference 2018

Feng Shui Society

Conference 2018

by Rosie Davenport


The Feng Shui Society Conference is a unique space to develop love for the art of Feng Shui, Associated Disciplines and all the Chinese Metaphysics Five Arts in general. This year, participants from all over Europe and the World gathered to meet and share. It was an excellent opportunity to gain knowledge and make new friends in a truly unique setting.

The range of speakers and subjects was perfectly balanced on the Saturday series of talks: everything from colour spectrums and space-clearing, to vision boards and office interiors!

Below is a selection of the speakers involved and links to their talk videos – which you can find on the Feng Shui Society YouTube channel.

Richard Creightmore

The Mysterious Underground Energies

An overview of Earth Energies, from the Ming dynasty Feng Shui text Shui Peng Ba Zhen Fa/ Eight Needles of the Water Compass Method to contemporary understanding of geopathic stress.

Joao Borges

Feng Shui Form & Position

How the Chi flows through a dwelling according to the form. The study of this flow is an important factor to consider when designing or choosing an home.

Simon Brown

Reducing Stress through Feng Shui

Feng shui can be employed to help us feel more relaxed at home. Simon will explain his top tips for creating a healthy home and explain the feng shui behind these simple changes.

Louise Buxton

How we Relate to Colour & to Plants

How colour can affect moods and actions; and the positive effects plants have on us, how plants help people to heal quicker, and help with concentration and anxiety.

Sue Holmes

Feng Shui & Space Clearing

The synergistic combination of feng shui and space clearing can help to transform our home and office experience in the most profound, effective and holistic way.

Denise O’Dwyer

Annual Flying Stars in 2018 for Health, Wealth & Happiness

Understand exactly what Feng Shui influences are visiting your environment this year, and what do about them, so that you can boost your happiness and prosperity in 2018.

Vanda Boavida

Feng Shui & the Vision Board

To inspire people with Feng Shui techniques, to boost their self-esteem, in all areas. The power to think big!

Goncalo Dorje Pinto

Nature in Office Space

Biophilic Design is a sustainable design method to create more balanced places to live, work and play, improving the individual and collective human health and wellbeing.

Gina Lazenby

Home is Where your Story Begins

Transition periods are all about who you are becoming and how your home, the container for your life, is either holding you back or supporting your unfolding process.

See you next year!