Can you Advance

your Career with

Feng Shui?

Can you advance

your Carer with

Feng Shui?

Advocates of flying stars Feng Shui talk about getting the stars to help you get what you want. How can flying stars feng shui help you progress in your career? When you look at the world from a feng shui perspective you want to find the star that’s going to bring you intelligence and wisdom to help you whether it’s climbing the corporate ladder or making your business boom.

Curious? Which Star would do that?

Would you believe it star number one?

In many traditions of ancient wisdom in both East and West the water element is associated with wisdom. In Feng Shui ideas, star number one is water element.

Where do you find this star number one which allegedly brings wisdom to boost your career?

The star number one could be found in your house when you do the full flying star chart for your house or office. It depends on the direction thatc the property faces and when it was built or renovated. According to flying stars theory there are residential stars are in your property.

Without knowing the specifics of your home or office we can still find a star number one which you can tap into as soon as you’ve read this article.

Every year there are yearly stars which come and visit every property. This year the star number one is visiting the north west sector in every home and office.

If you spend time in the northwest sector indoors you can benefit from the wisdom influence of star number one, so say the Feng Shui fans.

If you have come across and Feng shui articles saying that the north west is not a favourable direction, that’s based on another Feng Shui theory. You can still make use of the northwest by making sure that when you spend time in the northwest area that you have your back to the north-west direction and you face south-east. Take a look at the diagram so you can see what I mean.

Feng Shui like life is often complicated and there are many factors at play at the same time. Spending time in the North West with the star one is just one tip, which applies for 2018.

Will it work for you?