Discover your Personal

Peach Blossom Days –

the Secret of Extra

Influence & Likeability

Discover your Personal

Peach Blossom Days –

the Secret of Extra

Influence & Likeability

Have you ever had a day when you feel, for that day, the centre of attention – in a good way? Maybe you receive more compliments, people seem to want your company, you have a little surge in popularity, or people unexpectedly agree with you in meetings?

Feeling good about yourself you check in the mirror. You look ok, pretty much the same as you did yesterday. You make a mental note to wear this outfit more often.

Consider this. As well as your external appearance, and your sparkling wit and charm of course, there could be a valid Personal Feng Shui reason for your peak in popularity that day. You could have unknowingly landed on one of your Personal Peach Blossom days. These are the days when your attraction magnet is ON. You’re more likeable, have more influence, and appear to be more attractive in the eyes and minds of others.

Every month there are 2, sometimes 3, days when you experience your individual Peach Blossom luck. Use these days to schedule important meetings, give a talk, go on a date, deliver a pitch, or any time you want to have the advantage of a little extra likability and impact. Everything we want in life comes from other people. When we have likability, connecting with others is natural and enjoyable, and we experience flow.

Personal Pleach Blossom days are calculated most easily from your year (and sometimes your day) of birth. Search online for the Chinese animal for your year of birth. For example, people born in 1986 are Tiger, 1972 are Rat. If you were born before 4th February you take the animal sign of the previous year. Then check this table to find your Personal Peach Blossom animal:


Year of Birth Chinese Animal Sign 

Monkey, Rat, Dragon

Tiger, Horse, Dog

Pig, Rabbit, Sheep

Snake, Rooster, Ox


Your Personal Peach Blossom Animal

Rooster ⾣酉

Rabbit 卯

Rat ⼦子

Horse 午


Tigers born in 1986 after 4th February, your Peach Blossom animal is 卯 Rabbit. Rats born after 4th February in 1972 you have ⾣酉 Rooster as your Peach Blossom animal.

Now simply look at the calendar below for the next few months until September 2018, find your Peach Blossom animal days, note them in your diary and make sure you use them for something important.

Try using your Peach Blossom days for the next few months. Don’t forget to let us know what happens!