Featured Consultant

Sue Holmes

Featured Consultant:

Sue Holmes

  1. How do you describe feng shui to someone with no previous knowledge? Please finish this sentence: ‘Proponents of feng shui believe that…feng shui adjusts a home or workplace by working with the relationship between the people, internal layout and decor, external environment & nature, the cosmos and cycles of time, so as to create support and flow, synchronicity and harmony, and therefore maximise the potential for success and well-being.


  1. In your opinion, what relevance does feng shui have in the modern western world? In my opinion, Western society is saturated with toxicity, illusion and industrialisation: EMFs and pollution; GM ‘food’; stress; brain-washing by the media; violent computer games & porn; drugs, alcohol, and consumerism; sickness and alienation…so practises that brings us into harmony and ‘right relationship’ with nature are surely vital for the well-being of all. Just like yoga, martial arts, music and pizza – the benefits of feng shui are not limited to the culture or time from which they originated, but may be appreciated everywhere!


  1. How did you get into feng shui? Where and how did you learn feng shui? I began studying and doing DIY feng shui whilst travelling in India in 1992, and became a professional consultant in 2005. I am grateful to all my teachers, particularly Howard Choy whose classical feng shui genius inspired me to travel to study with him in Germany, Poland, and China.


  1. Why typically do people come to you for feng shui advice? With the intention of arranging a new home, or helping a property to sell; enhancing their potential for wealth, health, love and happiness; supporting their business success, and moving forwards from ‘stuck places’.


  1. What are your specific ethics in terms of working with feng shui clients? Don’t let people have unrealistic expectations eg. do nothing different in their lives other than hang a wind chime in the corner of a room and expect miracles. Honesty & compassion, humility & respect, appropriate boundaries, and doing my best.


  1. What has been your most challenging feng shui job and why? What did you learn from it? Space clearing huge spooky buildings, like mansions and even a castle with a dungeon have taught me the value of team work – and not necessarily in terms of ‘strength’ but the assistance of the most appropriate practitioner to hold a certain presence that will help a particular energy shift – for example a compassionate motherly energy, or a male Christian presence.


  1. Describe a feng shui project that you found particularly interesting or rewarding. My favourite jobs are ones where I can use a combination of all of my skills, which in my opinion maximises the potential for change, and I also love to travel to new places. When I worked at a vegan restaurant in Copenhagen, we combined a feng shui consultation, with a space clearing ceremony and shamanic healing sessions for key staff members.


  1. What aspect of feng shui are you most passionate about? I am passionate about working holistically – combining feng shui and space clearing.


  1. In terms of your feng shui consultations and/or teaching, what is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? I work with classical feng shui, but I am also a shamanic practitioner, geomancer and space clearing consultant. I believe that the depth to which I have healed and transformed myself, corresponds to the radical changes that I can help to facilitate with my clients. I balance professionalism and deep work, with warmth and humour.


  1. What direction is your feng shui work currently taking you? What lies ahead? It’s an honour to take part in the busy workings of the FSS exec, and witness exciting developments within our community. I am thrilled to be launching my training course: ‘Space transformation – space clearing & harmonising homes, offices and land, and to have opportunities to share some of this work in presentations and workshops at the feng shui conferences in London and Lisbon in May.


  1. What advice would you give to a new feng shui enthusiast? Follow your passion, and walk your talk!