Peach Blossom:

Activating your

Attraction & Romance

Luck in 2018

Peach Blossom:

Activating your Attraction &

Romance Luck in 2018

There’s a saying, “it’s not who you know, but who likes you”.  Think of a person who seems charming, witty, attractive, who has the X factor when it comes to popularity and getting along with everyone.  They are fortunate to have large dose of the L word… likability.  In Feng Shui terms we say they often have, or are experiencing, Peach Blossom Luck.

Even the name of the pale pink flowers before they grow into sweet ripe peaches is evocative of loveliness, beauty and romance.  Often when you go through a period of Peach Blossom Luck in your Chinese Astrology this is the time love can come knocking on your door.  If you are born with Peach Blossom in your main Astrology chart, lucky you! You have the gift of being naturally attractive and engaging.

The good news is that by using Feng Shui everyone can use Peach Blossom Luck not just for love, also for boosting your general likability, creating harmonious relationships, or forming new partnerships in business.  This year, 2018, the Peach Blossom Feng Shui energy is particularly strong. You just need to find it and use it.

In your home or in your workplace identify the South sector and put yourself there.  This means sleep in a bedroom located in the South, or work at a desk in the South of your office building, or watch TV in your living room located South.  (If you are a student you have a double bonus as this year the South is also excellent for academic success!)  If your Main Door is South, 2018 should raise the popularity scores for everyone in the property.

Technically speaking, 2018 annual Flying Stars see the 4 Star of Romance flying to the South, home of Star 9, making a very strong 9 – 4 He Tu combination.  Essentially, this super-boosts the effect of Star 4.

Now take a good look at your South sector. If you want love and likability this year (and basically who doesn’t?) make sure it’s not blocked by clutter or isn’t a room you don’t use.  Then take advantage of the strong Peach Blossom Feng Shui of 2018 by being in the South and watch your attraction rate soar!