Love, Relationships

& Feng Shui

Love, Relationships

& Feng Shui

It’s February, the time for nesting, what better time to “feather our own nest”?

We are here, in this lifetime to enjoy being in relationship with ourselves, with each other and with our surroundings. In feng shui this energy of relationships is actually associated with “mother energy” that primal energy of unconditional love.

The I Ching Symbol for this energy is KUN, also known as “the receptive” it represents divine feminine, mother energy. Some words to describe this energy include: elegance, devotion, support, nurture, softness, adaptability, loyalty, unconditional acceptance and kindness. As Human Beings (humans being) what we all we need, at a primal level, is to feel loved, seen and heard, and nurtured. Creating an environment in which we feel safe, supported and enfolded, feeds into this sense of belonging and acceptance.

In our homes, a key area to address, to enhance this energy, is the bedroom. Our bedrooms are where we retreat to for the 3 R’s – Rest, Recuperation and Romance. Your bedroom needs to feel soft and nest-like. It should soothe the senses with soft, tactile fabrics, beautiful imagery, comforting scents and soft lighting.

What elements can you add to enhance your sense of being enfolded, protected and nurtured? Ideally, your bedroom should feel like a warm embrace:

• Have the bed against a solid wall, with a solid headboard and a view of the door and the window for the most settled and supported position energetically.

• Ensure you have equal space on either side of the bed with a lamp/locker on both sides so that there is a sense of balance in the relationship.

• Have soft colours with more muted tones for a more restful atmosphere.

• Choose imagery and ornamentation which has a sense of romance and support in its energy. Take the time to choose wisely. The last thing you see at night is brought into your dream-state and sets the tone for how you feel when you wake up every morning.

• Soft pillows and throws and soft rugs all add to the yin energy you wish to pervade here.

• Add a small splash of red/red-orange or red-purple to add some fire and passion to the energy here.

• Add some Fragrant chi to your space by dispersing pure essential oils such as Jasmin, Rose and Melissa.