Featured Consultant

Kristina Neuhauser

Featured Consultant:

Kristina Neuhauser

1. How do you describe feng shui to someone with no previous knowledge? Please finish this sentence: ‘Proponents of feng shui believe that…The ancient wisdom of how the nature of the universe affects us: people, plants and animals on the planet, in the language of yin & yang and the five elements, is essential for our survival.


2. In your opinion, what relevance does feng shui have in the modern western world? It has more relevance than ever before as we are getting away from nature. Our planet needs  more and more help by supporting nature with feng shui.


3. How did you get into feng shui? Where and how did you learn feng shui? I got curious about  the interdependence of humans and their environment through understanding the natural laws. It is in line with my increasing spirituality and life mission to educate myself and teach others. The study of the environment through feng shui glasses became even more fascinating when I started to study  Chinese astrology.


4. Why typically do people come to you for feng shui advice? Typically  for feng shui advice to improve the energetic quality of their home after moving to a new home or before buying a new home.


5. What are your specific ethics in terms of working with feng shui clients? Being a feng shui consultant helps me to understand the ‘pre-configured’ nature of  everything including plants, animals and people. As a result, it made me get rid of  critical feelings I used to have towards the world and its people, because I used to perceive them as being flawed or weak. I found that this understanding made me a more empathetic and patient person.


5. What has been your most challenging feng shui job and why? What did you learn from it? The investigation of  a gun-shaped property in Bussana Vecchia. The apartment has a very peculiar form that was difficult to identify at first sight. Being on location it became obvious that the most challenging task was to establish the site and facing of the flat and the source of chi. This unusual case taught me a lot in my feng shui career.


6. Describe a feng shui project that you found particularly interesting or rewarding. A successful feng shui garden design to balance the Tiger and Dragon side is one of the most interesting and successful projects I have conducted. I was happy to be able to calculate and design an auspicious form with the garden gate and path, catching the benevolent chi from the road.


7. What aspect of feng shui are you most passionate about? Feng shui, interior design, Chinese astrology, date selection and yearly personal predictions are my favourites.


8. In terms of your feng shui consultations and/or teaching, what is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? As a Ba Zi master, I specialise in Ba Zi consultations and Ba Zi seminars in the UK. I am the third generation of healers, architects and naturopaths. I am grateful for the blessings from my ancestors for this type of work. As a feng shui master: my advanced knowledge of how to find solutions for the specific and individual needs of the property.


9. What direction is your feng shui work currently taking you? What lies ahead? Eternal teacher, eternal student ! My professional ambition is to give consultations and to teach more people how to live a high standard of enjoyable life by implementing  feng shui principles.


10. What advice would you give to a new feng shui enthusiast? ‘Do not believe in anything simply because you have heard it. But after observation and analysis, when you find that anything agrees with reason and is conducive to the good and the benefit of one and all, then accept it and live up to it.’  Buddha, Kalama Sutra.