Featured Consultant

Evelyn Escarfullery

Featured Consultant:

Evelyn Escarfullery

  1. How do you describe feng shui to someone with no previous knowledge? Please finish this sentence: ‘Proponents of feng shui believe that… Feng Shui is an art technique that seeks to improve communication between the environment and people.


  1. In your opinion, what relevance does feng shui have in the modern western world? The western world has followed a pattern of observation of the environment from a single angle, since the borders between east and west were opened, western culture has been forced to question its static position, that is where classical feng shui has a significant role, to teach new forms of observation.


  1. How did you get into feng shui? Where and how did you learn feng shui? My first contact with feng shui was when I worked as an interior decorator on a project. The results obtained changed my perspective of the decoration. When I moved to Europe, I was guided by teachers like Joseph Yu (Canada), Olga Garcia (Spain), Helou Hill (Netherlands), Jodi Brunner (Australia) and Tin Foon Chick (England), and all the accredited teachers of Feng Shui Research of Canada.


  1. Why typically do people come to you for feng shui advice? My career as a feng shui advisor is very close to Integrative Medicine doctors, who refer me to their patients in order that my feng shui work compliments the treatment initiated by the doctors. Mostly I focus my work on supporting health and relationships.


  1. What are your specific ethics in terms of working with feng shui clients? The client first receives a written report, pursued by a follow-up in the elaboration of the changes to be carried out over one year. This way the client feels accompanied through the process. I would say that our brand is: professionalism, monitoring, receptiveness, confidentiality.


  1. What has been your most challenging feng shui job and why? What did you learn from it? An architectural studio asked me for a consultation because they wanted to solve a situation with a modern construction attached to a historical monument. Although the proposal could not be implemented due to the refusal of the organisation that protected the monument, this project encouraged me to advance in the development of my career as a feng shui consultant. It helped me to meet architects interested in adding other disciplines to their projects, to help them create a better environment


  1. Describe a feng shui project that you found particularly interesting or rewarding. In 2015, I had the opportunity to do a feng shui consultation for a house whose floor plan was an octagon, following the dimensions according to sacred geometry. The most difficult thing was to establish the front facade of the house, something essential to be able to place the energy map according to the Xuan Kong Fei Xing method. Finding the right orientation for the place whose energetic map will connect with the inhabitants of the house along with the conditions indicated above was one of the greatest challenges.


  1. What aspect of feng shui are you most passionate about? Since I have been trained with different disciplines connected to feng shui, when I do a consultation, I include all of them, because it is the only way to practice them and because I get better results. The ones I use most are the Xuan Kong Fei Xing method and the Ba Zi (4 Pillars). I think that one method is not complete without the other.


  1. In terms of your feng shui consultations and/or teaching, what is your USP (Unique Selling Point)? With feng shui consulting, my USP is my follow up, every consultancy has a 1 year follow up, giving confidence to my clients.


  1. What direction is your feng shui work currently taking you? What lies ahead? Now I am working in two phases, one is the promotion of the feng shui making introductory talks so that they know the fundamentals and the different schools. We have started in the creation of the blog, a job that needs logistics. The other phase is the professional training courses, and we are scheduled to have everything ready by mid-April.


  1. What advice would you give to a new feng shui enthusiast? I would recommend: acquire knowledge of feng shui deeply; add other disciplines such as the 4 pillars; and maintain logical thinking when they make their consultations.