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Dr. Carol Parker Walsh

Dr. Carol Parker Walsh



Leverage Your Wardrobe for Success With Fashion Feng Shui® 

As professionals, how we dress makes a huge difference in how we’re perceived socially and professionally. It affects our credibility and ability to influence our audience. Psychologists believe that what we wear affects us psychologically: it alters our moods, stimulates our minds, enhances our self-image, making us feel more self-confident and even “powerful”, thus increasing our productivity and indirectly, the bottom line. This is true of Feng Shui. In this presentation, the world of Feng Shui will collide with fashion to teach the participants how to use the Five Feng Shui elements of Water, Wood, Fire, Earth & Metal to dress mindfully.


Key Take-Aways:

How to Use the 5 Elemental for Branding Your Business

How to build rapport and attract clients with your wardrobe

How to Use Your Wardrobe Strategically to Achieve Results


Speaker Bio

Carol is an acclaimed author, speaker, corporate consultant, and confident image coach and the founder of Evolve Image Consulting. Carol is one of 11 licensed Fashion Feng Shui® Masters in the world and combines her education (JD and PhD) & experience to help her clients implement proven strategies to increase profit, productivity, self-confidence, and success. Dr. Parker Walsh is the Editor-in-Chief of the AICI Global Magazine, is a regular contributor to the Vancouver Business Journal, KATU2’s AM Northwest, and has been seen in the Huffington Post, on NBC and FOX.