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Michael Oon

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Woking, Surrey, GU21 8TS United Kingdom
01483 839898
07973 551184
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Dr Michael Oon (Consultant in Traditional Feng Shui)

I am Dr Michael Oon and have been learning and practicing Traditional Feng Shui for more than 20 years. My focus is to help people using my skills, knowledge and attitude to the best of my ability and resources available.

I worked as a Forensic Scientist with the Metropolitan Police (New Scotland Yard). I noticed that areas of high crime, the built environment had the poor design and facilities. When that area was re-developed, the crime rates decreased even though the same people were living there. To me, this is tangible proof that the environment plays a significant part in people’s lives. But there is no body of knowledge in the West that relates the environment to the welfare of the people. The closest I could find is “Terroir” the environmental knowledge for the growing of Vine (for Wine).

The Chinese developed “Feng Shui” as a body of knowledge to create the environment suitable for “man” to develop. This started with the rise of Chinese Civilisation some 5,000 years ago. The practising knowledge is passed down from generation to generation. This is the process of Traditional Feng Shui where the student is selected and prepared to practise in the master’s footsteps. I was chosen and trained in traditional feng shui by Shyan Tseng. For the past 15 years, I have worked in the 5 continents across the world on various projects from home refurbishment, design of buildings to the planning of urban development (cities).

I have authored a book: “Creating Competitive Advantage using Traditional Feng Shui”.

Services Offered:

I specialise in helping to solve personal problems like:

Sleep, Romance & Marriage, Weight, Study & Learning, Children’s behaviour, Money.

I now work in the London area and surrounds. My focus is, as always, to improve the well-being of my clients.

Client confidentiality is respected at all times.