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Coming from a scientific background, all my life I was amazed by the ancient civilizations how they were able, with no instruments, to develop complex understanding of astronomy, to build complex cities with no modern machinery, to communicate with one another with no written language and figure out how to grow crops even in the most inhospitable places. Scientists have tried for decades to understand, how these civilizations have made such discoveries with limited technology. Looking from a Feng Shui perspective I believe they gained all the knowledge by observing and replaying the nature. They strongly believed in the influence of the cosmos on daily life and they followed the earth fluctuation. No human research can explain “how an ant can carry ten times her weight” or “how a bee with her body weight can fly”. Having completed my studies in Feng Shui in 2012, I come out with knowledge and passion to provide practical and effective Feng Shui solutions, high quality service and impart Traditional Feng Shui knowledge.