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Gabriela Galbenus

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London, SW6 4UQ United Kingdom
07949 076 706
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Gabriela Galbenus uses Traditional Chinese Feng Shui techniques based mainly on the San He School (used for assessing external environment), the Xuan Kong Fei Xing (used for internal environment), BaZi (used for analysing destiny) and Date Selection (used for selecting the optimal time of any action). Alongside, she uses different Feng Shui methods to understand the flow of your environment, your company and/or your family’s energies including the Xuan Kong Da Gua or the Advanced BaZi. Recently, Gabriela Galbenus has introduced another ancient system called Qi Men Dun Jia that is used to complement the above methods.

Gabriela Galbenus is the founder of The London Feng Shui and Accredited by The Feng Shui Society.

Gabriela Galbenus, holds a Management Degree in Arts and Tourism Studies and a Master in Creativity in the Organisations, from the Catholic University of the Sacred Heart in Milan.  Gabriela has been working across Europe in the sales-marketing department for companies such as Walt Disney and Brandimarte. Passionate of energy and environment, she began her Feng Shui studies in London with Alan Stirling, and continued in Malaysia, where she has been trained to practice and apply different Feng Shui techniques with Master Joey Yap, from the Mastery Academy and several other Feng Shui Masters such as Raymond Luo, Judy Yeo, Sherwin Ng, Alex Sole Costa, Master Patricia LeePamila Caparelli and Dr Paul Yan. Since 2012, she has assisted private clients and companies, inspiring them to improve their environment, quality of life and their business success. Gabriela Galbenus is a professional practitioner and an eternal student that regularly updates her knowledge, taking metaphysics courses with well-known Feng Shui Masters.

In addition, she is an active Leader at the KCWC International Club, with Fun with Feng Shui programme. She has been working in partnership with China Exchange, Sagitter One, a boutique hospitality consultancy and Intarya.  Gabriela Galbenus has also been featured in few magazine publications and invited as a guest speaker at the BBC Daily Politics. Gabriela Galbenus is a very active person, who enjoys not only working and putting into practice what she has learnt but also supporting charities and sharing her knowledge.