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Aitzie Olaechea

Contact Information
Flat 404, The Bakery, 26-30 Southgate Road, London, N1 3JH United Kingdom
07905 926 801
Consultant Profile
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Professional Bio:

Aitzie is a qualified Imperial Chue style Feng Shui practitioner delivering personalised Feng Shui, BaZi and I-Ching services, and is Certified by the Imperial School of Feng Shui & Chinese Horoscopes.

Aitzie has worked in the education sector for over 10 years, with a background in Media and a BA in Communications and Audio Visual Production. She has a strong sense of aesthetics and design, which adds to her unique style and flair for interior decoration.

Having grown up in Spain and Indonesia, Aitzie has a rare perspective into both Eastern and Western philosophy and art. This manifests itself in the solutions she creates in her Feng Shui consultations, as well as everyday life.

Aitzie has a strong sense of ethics and a true desire to help those that need support and will always go above and beyond to help her clients achieve their goals.