Feng Shui Society Approved Foundation Course 

Saturday and Sunday 28th and 29th October 2017, 13th and 14th January 2018,  5th and 6th May 2018, 9th and 10th June 2018 and 1st and 2nd September 2018

at Worship Street, London, 10.30 a.m. – 4.30 p.m. £280.00 for 2 days

To book or for further information call Vicky on tel: +44(0)1279 654129 mob: 07885 945008 or email vickysweetlove@fengshuilife.co.uk  www.fengshuilife.co.uk

The Feng Shui Foundation course is your first step on the journey to be able to feng shui your own home. It is suitable for anyone to attend who would like to change their environment to benefit then in all areas of their life.

You will be given course materials which are very simple to understand and previous students have so enjoyed the course they have come to do further training with me on my other courses. At the end of the course you will be able to Feng Shui your own home and if you wish to take further training to practitioner status then this is a good beginning as its an excellent accredited Foundation course. Vicky has trained with Joey Yap in Malaysia at the Mastery Academy and has taught various courses around the world.

The course will include:

I Ching- early and later heaven baguas

Lo Shu square and origins of Feng Shui

The Five elements

Yin and yang balance

Bazi chart -know what the year of the Earth Dog 2018 holds for you health, wealth, career and relationships

How the landscape affects the energy of your home – the four celestial animals

Eight Mansions – how to lay the compass directions on floor plan of your home/office.

24 mountain compass directions

How to use a compass for your front door direction

Know about facing and sitting directions of the house

Know the best directions for sitting, sleeping and working

Ming Gua -the best areas in your home

Feng Shui recommendations for your home and garden

Symbology of artwork how it affects our lives.

The effects of Clutter and how it affects your life.

Flying stars for the year and know the meaning of each of the 9 stars.

Where the yearly afflictions are and the affects and what you can do about them

The Annual four nobles and how to activate in your own homes

Bazi chart will be given out on the course

Recommended books and follow on courses and Feng Shui Society ethics


All attendees enjoyed the course so much they continued their training with me on my other courses.

The cost will be £280.00 for 2 days. To book or for further information call Vicky on tel: 01279 654129 mob: 07885 945008 or www.fengshuilife.co.uk  email vickysweetlove@fengshuilife.co.uk



FSS Approved Foundation Course – Howard Choy B.Arch, FSSA, Distant Learning

“Good Luck Comes when the Elements are Together”

This course is available by distant learning study from October 2016 until February 2017 for students wishing to take the ECOFS two year professional training course. Cost £160.  It will give you a genuine understanding of the core principles, traditional theories and contemporary practice of Feng Shui, using materials drawn from recognised Chinese Feng Shui classics.  You will learn what Feng Shui really is about, why it can be so powerful and how to begin to use it yourself to make some basic changes in your home and in your

The comprehensive content includes the following topics and much more
The popularity, mystery and complexity of Feng Shui.
A different way of thinking between the East and the West
Relationship between man and nature, space and time
The concept of Heaven, Human and Earth
Qi and Yin Yang theory
Five Elements theory
Form and Configuration school (Xingshi Pai)
The luoshu square, trigrams and their correlations
The cycles and periods of counting time
The nine stars, stems and branches
Feng shui for different rooms in a living space
Feng shui and design aesthetics

Howard Choy is principal of the European College of Feng Shui (ECOFS), in practice for over thirty years, bi-lingual and China-trained in traditional Feng Shui. He is an accredited teacher of the Feng Shui Society and highly qualified to deliver the finest quality FSS approved
foundation course.Graduate students of this course who wish to pursue their studies will have gained the fundamental knowledge required to join ECOFS two year accredited practitioner level training course. Find more information about it on fengshui-college.org/uk

To take the foundation distant learning study or request more information, please contact:
Howard Choy (Principal ECOFS ) email Howard Choy



Date:                  n/a

Place:                 Home-Study Course

Tutor:                 Brenda Martin

Price:                  £269 total cost (installment scheme available)

Description:      FENG SHUI FOUNDATIONS (FSS Approved Course)



An inspiring, illustrated and detailed 10-module course, in easy steps, to study at your own pace, leading to a Diploma in Feng Shui Foundations and confident feng shui practice. A popular course, attracting students globally since 2003, with personal email or mail tutoring, plus after-course guidance while you practice.

Feng Shui is a powerful and exciting journey, in which you explore a new world of knowledge and awareness of the energy that flows around you and through you. You will be amazed at your own insight and ability to change the energy from negative to positive, and boost your energy levels and wellbeing.


To teach feng shui principles in a detailed but easy-to-follow manner, leading to confident practice. Students are guided in practicing on their own property as they work through the course.

The course encourages dialogue between student and tutor by post or email, and discussion of personal feng shui challenges, which deepens understanding, creates motivation and ensures correct practice. Tutor’s own case studies are included.

The course covers traditional and classical form and compass school feng shui, the key principles, and how to apply these to your property, its surroundings, and to your own personal situation.

The aim is for good feng shui practice with improvement in well-being, happiness and quality of life.

The course is regularly up-dated, to re-charge typographical presentation, cover students’ questions and include new learning, research and property challenges.

Venue: available worldwide

Telephone: 01865 600198/ Outside UK: 0044 1865 600198

Website: http://www.come-alive.co.uk

Email: info@come-alive.co.uk



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