Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultants

Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultants

The Feng Shui Society has its own Standards and Accreditation Panel. The panel assesses applicants and accredits feng shui consultants in the UK and Europe, all of whom will have satisfied the society that they have an appropriate level of professional training, competence and experience and will abide by the society’s Code of Conduct.

We highly recommend that clients use one of the society’s accredited consultants so as to be sure of receiving a reliably high standard of professional feng shui service. Accredited consultants are listed geographically at Find feng shui consultant



Five reasons to engage a Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultant
You can engage a Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultant with confidence because:

1. The Feng Shui Society is the only independent professional registering body in the UK. Its self-regulating structure was developed and verified with the participation of educational experts.

2. All the accredited consultants listed on our register have been professionally assessed by The Feng Shui Society and update their skills with mandatory Continuing Professional Development (CPD).

3. Accredited consultants have agreed to abide by the Feng Shui Society’s Code of Conduct.

4. All Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultants hold professional indemnity insurance.

5. Our accredited consultants are regulated by the Feng Shui Society. In the unlikely event that a dispute arises we will help you to resolve it.

The Feng Shui Society’s Accredited Consultants
Accredited consultants registered with The Feng Shui Society have signed and agreed to abide by its ‘Code of Ethics and Professional Conduct’. Accredited UK-based consultants may use the letters FSSA (Feng Shui Society Accredited).

All accredited consultants are required to undertake Continuing Professional Development annually and to hold professional practice public liability insurance to practice in the UK. When engaging a consultant outside the UK where different laws relating to insurance apply, we recommend that before engaging a consultant, verify the insurance situation.

The Feng Shui Society does its best to ensure high levels of skill and high standards of ethical behaviour in its members. However, while the society makes available to the public details of consultants’ professional information in good faith, at the same time it relies on their honesty and integrity in presenting their details. The society does not specifically recommend individual consultants, and potential clients are ultimately responsible for satisfying themselves that a consultant’s details are accurate.

In the unlikely event of a complaint against a member of the society, the society will do its best to mediate and ensure an acceptable outcome for all parties. The society cannot intervene in situations relating to people calling themselves feng shui consultants if they are not registered with and accredited by the society.

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