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The Feng Shui Society
Est 1993

The Feng Shui Society is the leading independent feng shui registration organisation for professional feng shui consultants in the UK and Europe. It is recognised as being one of the most influential feng shui organisations in the world. Its executive committee works to ensure the continued development and maintenance of the highest professional standards of practice.

The Feng Shui Society has been promoting professional standards in feng shui since it was founded in 1993. Today the society’s mission statement, ‘Promoting the highest standards of feng shui practice’, continues to express its commitment to the advancement of the feng shui profession.

The Feng Shui Society gives the public confidence in the integrity of feng shui standards of practice and safeguards the reputation of professional consultants. It is the UK’s primary feng shui information resource for the public, professionals and the media.

The society is a not-for-profit body managed on a voluntary basis by an executive committee elected by its accredited consultants, all of whom abide by the society’s code of ethics and professional conduct.

History of The Feng Shui Society

The society’s origins lie in the natural passions of feng shui professionals who began meeting regularly in each other’s homes to enlarge their experience by sharing case studies and other source material. These were times when feng shui was a new and largely unknown discipline in the UK.

On 9 November 1993 an inaugural meeting of feng shui professionals was held. It created the structure of the present society. That 1993 meeting set the tone for the development of feng shui in the west with a remarkably far-seeing set of aims.

Aims of The Feng Shui Society
• to provide a mutually supportive network for feng shui practitioners and students
• to provide a forum for education of the membership to help take those interested to professional practitioner level
• to promote the concept of feng shui in the UK and Europe and to create a better understanding of the subject among the professional community, building and interior design practitioners, and the general public (The Feng Shui Society Annual Conference)
• to act as a central point of contact for enquiries about feng shui, for both consultations and education (find an accredited feng shui consultant)
• to develop a code of practice for those setting up in practice and members of the society
• to focus on the pivotal issue of feng shui “stewardship”.  The dictionary definition of stewardship is “the responsible overseeing and   protection of something considered worth caring for and preserving”.

• To encourage feng shui research.

Over the following years the society invited many leading members of the international feng shui community as speakers to address members in keeping with its educational aspirations. The society grew in strength, authority and numbers under a succession of hardworking chairmen, officers and executive members.

In December 1997, the society put in place its first code of ethics for its registered consultants and began a dialogue with every school and teacher in the UK who offered feng shui training. By January 1999 there had been sufficient feedback from the feng shui schools to realise that the society was addressing a genuine need for greater education about feng shui and to establish higher professional standards for the practice of feng shui.

Feng shui professional standards
A Standards and Accreditation Panel was set up within the society and its members worked hard through to 2002 to prepare and implement completely new comprehensive professional standards, including a more detailed code of professional conduct, complaint procedures for the public, and a comprehensive process of accreditation of consultants to practitioner status along with structure and accreditation for feng shui education. These processes remain in place today as the profession’s fundamental guidelines.

The society is committed to maintaining high standards in all its professional members through continuing professional development. It is the primary source of information on this exciting practice in the UK and Europe.

Beyond professional accreditation, the society has rewarded certain deserving individuals for their outstanding commitment to the development of professional feng shui by introducing Honorary Life Fellowships.

International associations 
A history of mutually supportive close contact exists between the society and professional feng shui organisations in America and Australia.  This close liaison has resulted in the formation of the Global Feng Shui Alliance in March 2011.

The society’s website
The society’s website has come to be the most important and accessible source of contact for the public when choosing a consultant and finding out more about feng shui. Also on the website, the society announces its excellent conferences which attract visitors from all parts of the world.

Feng shui events, courses and conferences
Meetings and events are regularly hosted or supported by the society in venues around the UK. At its annual conferences, renowned international speakers draw upon their expertise and practical experience to share their knowledge with their audiences. The society has two accredited training schools both of which offer excellent two year professional training courses.

Feng shui publicity and credibility
The aim of the society is to continue to encourage the growth and promotion of feng shui and its long established benefits in today’s world. Work is ongoing to further develop the society, its professional membership and feng shui research. Since those early days, feng shui has come of age and is now recognised as a practical, life-enhancing discipline in every facet of personal living, in the workplace and throughout the corporate world.


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