If you feel your feng shui requirements need the insight of an expert, then you will want to consider hiring a professional feng shui consultant. As a feng shui consultation can represent a significant financial outlay and a life changing outcome, it makes sense to find the right consultant for your needs.

As there is no uniform basic qualification for feng shui in the UK and Europe, you may come across consultants with all manner of certificates and paper-based qualifications but remember these certificates are provided by the person running the course rather than being indicative of any particular level of training, skill or experience. That is not to say that the consultant is unskilled or inexperienced, or that the course is not valid, simply that a course certificate is not proof of professional capability.

Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultants have all been assessed independently by the Society’s Standards and Accreditation Panel when they applied to join. The work they presented then was considered to comply with the Society’s minimum professional practice standard. They will also have agreed to adhere to a strict code of ethical practice and to hold valid professional insurance cover. Some of our listed accredited consultants have trained with one of the Society’s accredited schools, all of which follow or exceed the Society’s teaching outline guidelines for professional training.

The Society does not recognise on-line or distance training courses for professional qualifications. Practical training and supervised observation is an essential component for studying this complex subject. You can expect to find a considerable variation of training pathways and practice experience, ranging from seasoned practitioners to those who have recently qualified.

You will naturally wish to assess a prospective consultant in some way. Unless you have a word-of-mouth recommendation from someone that you trust, it might be preferable to telephone a number of consultants and ‘interview’ them. To do this properly, speak directly to the consultant that you would be working with, not an assistant, colleague or agent.

How the consultant replies to your questions is, in many ways, as important as the answers that you are given. You should be able to make a reasonable assessment of their suitability, even though some of the information is unfamiliar. If you speak to several consultants you will be able to compare their answers. You may have heard a negative story about feng shui from someone else, or have had a previous unsatisfactory experience with feng shui. If so, make sure you ask specific questions about your concerns to avoid a repeat of that experience.

During this initial interview you will also become aware of the consultant’s interpersonal skills and overall professionalism. Check that there is no language barrier, use your intuition too. Think of the qualities that you would expect from someone to whom you turn for help with issues of a personal nature; for example does the consultant seem empathetic, calm, caring, honest, reliable, confident, experienced, dedicated and trustworthy.

The most successful consultations are partnerships between client and consultant. Remember you are ultimately responsible for whatever happens in you home, your business or your life. The consultant is an expert adviser, but you are free to accept or disregard the advice as you see fit. it is important that your expectations are realistic and that you will act reasonably with the recommendations that you are given. The clearer you are about what you would like to achieve from your consultation and the more involved you become, the more likely you are to enjoy successful results.

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