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Free Four Pillars Astrology BaZi Calculator
Four Pillars or BaZi is a traditional Chinese astrological system for identifying your elemental make-up and the tendencies that may influence your life (sometimes called your destiny.) All this information can be drawn from your date and time of birth. Use our on-line calculator to plot your basic four pillars chart from your birth date.

To find out what your birth year animal is and see which elements are in your natal chart use our free Four Pillars Calculator.

If you would like to have a fuller reading, please contact one of our Feng Shui Society Accredited Consultants who indicate in their specialism list that they practice Four Pillars Astrology.

The Elements of the 12 zodiac animals
Rat + Water
Ox – Earth
Tiger +Wood
Rabbit – Wood
Dragon + Earth
Snake – Fire
Horse + Fire
Goat (Sheep) -Earth
Monkey + Metal
Rooster – Metal
Dog + Earth
Pig (Boar) – Water

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