Feng shui research
As part of the Feng Shui Society’s professional standards development we are currently looking at setting up research projects and studies into feng shui. We think that research is an important part of a professional society, and it is part of our dedication to on-going improvement.

We are proposing to research the following in relation to feng shui:
1) A description of feng shui
2) An understanding and explanation of how feng shui works
3) An evaluation of different feng shui schools and methods
4) Applications of feng shui
5) ‘Not only proof’ – alternative ways of looking at feng shui

Current research into feng shui
There are currently numerous scientific papers on feng shui (see some references below) and many more that reference feng shui. We hope to start publishing such papers in due course. There is a new Academic Journal of Feng Shui, and several international conferences on Scientific Feng Shui and the Built Environment have examined feng shui from a scientific perspective.
1) funding (please donate by clicking the Donate button below)
2) ideas for research projects
3) taking part in research projects

If you are interested in being involved in feng shui research or know of any research or scientific studies or papers related to feng shui, please contact the Society

If you would like to make a donation for feng shui research please donate via PayPal below. Thank you for your support.

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Scientific Feng Shui for the Built Environment – Fundamentals and Case Studies


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