Feng shui for public spaces
The time honoured ancient wisdom of feng shui transpose into a contemporary blueprint for the creation of harmonious environments in public buildings and public outdoor spaces alike. Feng shui input encourages wholesome feelings that enhance wellbeing, enjoyment, learning and health outcomes, at both conscious and unconscious levels. Public places that are designed with a sensitive psychological consideration of their natural surroundings, and the desired mood of people who visit them, are far more likely to be popular and successful.

Whilst some places feel naturally inviting and inspiring, others simply do not feel right and usually people do not thrive there; they might leave quickly and not return. Bringing feng shui into the design of public places has been found to make a hugely positive contribution to their success. Introducing elementally supportive décor, colours, textures, artwork, natural and artificial lighting and health promoting eco-friendly plants in the right locations can have an immediately positive effect upon the way that people respond and function.

The principles of feng shui will help to create attractive, harmonious spaces where people are more likely to wish to stay or to revisit because they feel happier, relaxed, optimistic and nurtured. The best time to involve feng shui in any public building project is while it is at the initial concept stage of the process. It is always easier to build in the right features from the start, rather than to try and fix things later on.

Public places which benefit from feng shui
Almost all public areas benefit from the influence of feng shui, be they natural open air spaces such as public parks and gardens, major buildings such as shopping complexes, sports stadiums, airport terminals, train stations, schools, universities, hospitals, hospices, care homes, community centres, health centres, exhibition halls, conference venues, or entertainment venues such as theatres, cinemas, museums and art galleries. municipal buildings. No matter how large or how small your project, it can be enhanced by the introduction of feng shui principles. In China, nobody would consider starting any construction project without first engaging the services of a feng shui consultant, but there are many (often low-cost) adjustments which can be made to even long-established ventures.

Find a Feng Shui Society accredited consultant to assist with your urban planning projects, working alongside your own team of specialists.

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