Who uses business feng shui
Commercial clients throughout Europe regularly engage the services of Feng Shui Society Accredited consultants. The impressive list of corporate organisations that have done so includes Hiscox Insurance, Coca Cola, the BRE (Building Research Establishment), Hilton Hotels, the NHS, British Airways, Marriott Hotels, Orange, University of Westminster School of Architecture & the Built Environment, and many more.

The workplace
Feng shui focuses on implementing ways to harness positive energy and overcome adversity. If your workspace layout is out of step with the natural flow of energy, your business is more likely to struggle. Tell-tale signs are that personnel become lethargic, irritable or sick and lose concentration, whilst absenteeism and staff turnover may increase. Once the underlying problems are identified and resolved with the aid of feng shui modifications, your staff can thrive and you can make the most of every business opportunity.

Stimulate your business success with feng shui
It has been proved scientifically that well-chosen colour accents will stimulate positive brain responses, resulting in a productive, energised workforce. Feng shui draws on natural elements, colour, timing, direction, light, placement, design, symbols, location to suit the requirements of your business and people in it. Your working environment becomes a creative, positive space and you will be better equipped to enjoy profitable achievements.

The specialist expertise of a Feng Shui Society Accredited consultant can help you transform your workspace into an energised, prosperous, flourishing and happy business environment.
Engage an FSS accredited feng shui consultant

Read feng shui case studies about businesses who have used feng shui and seen outstanding positive results.

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