The Cottage

Disenchantment with a cottage

Sleeping Problem

Healing your home with feng shui

Consultation by: Joan Vine

Type of Property: Cottage

Customer Name: Jacqui Foster

City: Chelmsford

Country: UK

The Problem

After happily moving into their new cottage, Jacqui found it to be dark and uninviting. The large garden had been left to its own devices for many years and much of it was overgrown and unkempt. The cottage was old and had been extended and improved over the years by its previous owners. It had all the hallmarks of having been much loved and cared for in the past, but as the previous couple had grown older they had been unable to keep it up to scratch. The cottage had a delightful ford maundering along to the far right of the property, but as many of the established trees and shrubs had either died or become dense and unmanageable, the benefit of the fresh water element could not be utilised.


The Solution

The first thing that needed to be done was for the cottage to be opened up so that a fresh ambiance could be established. This was done quite quickly with a large family and friends get-together to which I was invited to go along and have a look around to see if feng shui would help. The new owner said that she had fallen in love with the cottage on the day she and her husband viewed the property, but had very quickly become depressed and felt bitterly disappointed upon moving in. With that helpful statement still ringing in my ears, I was able to offer some really quick cures in order to re-establish the fondness Jacqui had felt for the cottage before the move, and, if all went well, some other more worrying problems could then be pointed out and put right.

Initially I advised my client to install new and more modern lighting in her kitchen, dining area and lounge, and then to cut down huge, rambling plants that were blocking light from her front windows. The lovely meandering path which lead up to the front door needed some maintenance and I suggested tidying up and trimming many of the other overgrown plants that were blocking energy from entering the cottage. During part of the garden clearance, a small, uninhabited and polluted pond was uncovered which was obviously destroying any good energy coming into the property. To save on cost, the new owners did all the gardening themselves and very quickly a beautiful cottage garden was re-established. With better lighting in the living rooms and some lighter paint on the walls, Jacqui’s depression quickly lifted as the cottage began to take on a brighter and more cared-for appearance. However, over the weeks Jacqui found that what little money and energy they had left after their move was being swiftly swallowed up, so I suggested that the major problem in the cottage would have to be tackled sooner than first anticipated. It was apparent that over the years the extensions to the cottage to each side had left a small cloakroom (toilet and hand basin) in the centre of the property. By the spring of the following year a builder had been called in to take away the small cloakroom which meant that, when completed, the area has been made into a much wider hallway which could now accommodate an antique armchair and desk, accompanied by a couple of lush and healthy green plants.


The Result

The owner has superb taste in decor and has now completely re-vamped her beloved cottage. The interior has been totally re-decorated and refurbished throughout. The garden has been completely cleared of dead and dying trees and shrubs, the old outbuildings have been replaced with new ones and the lovely ford running alongside the cottage can just be heard flowing quietly by on still summer evenings. Jacqui, now a couple of years down the line, is very happy and contented and feels very comfortable in the cottage she initially fell in love with.