So Organic

Use of feng shui for brands

So Organic

Use of feng shui for brands

Consultation for: So Organic

Type of Property: Shop

City: London

Country: UK

The Problem

The objective was to carry out a feng shui evaluation of the premises and make any necessary recommendations to ensure that the shop was likely to work as well for them. Feng shui does not only have to be used to solve problems; it can also be used as a preventative technique. This was the reason that Samantha and Stuart chose to have a consultation as they were preparing to open their new shop.


The Solution

Looking at the floorplan, you can see that it consists of two very distinct areas – a simple yin/yang viewpoint splits the space. When you face forwards in the building, what is on the left of centre belongs to yang, and the right belongs to yin. The physical form also support this as the left room is about two feet higher than the right room; yang is naturally higher than yin.

The objective of the So Organic business is to sell good quality organic products (you can see the range at which fall into two categories; those for personal use such as body care and beauty products, and those of a more practical nature that would be used around the home. In terms of yin and yang, the beauty products are yin (the mother or nurturing aspects of life), and the household products yang (practical). It was really good to find that Samantha and Stuart had already allocated the beauty products to the yin area, and the household items to the yang, a sure sign that they were following the natural energy of the building, or that the building naturally supported the style of the business.

There were many other indicators that all pointed towards this being a great location for this business, and I was able to give a lot of practical feng shui advice to help promote the business objectives. Two examples:

• The biggest concern was that the linking passage to the back room could easily deter customers from going into the household products area. To reduce this possibility, good lighting and signage was recommended.

• Other advice was to lay out the products according to the feng shui characteristics of the space. The two other diagrams show how this could work.


The Result

As this is a new venture, it is too early to say how things are turning out, however it is highly likely that the business will do very well in this environment. You can always go along and take a look for yourselves; you will find So Organic in Greenwich Market, London.