Sleeping Problem

Healing your home with feng shui

Sleeping Problem

Healing your home with feng shui

Consultation by: Pat Heydlauff

Type of Property: House

Market Sector: N/A

Customer Name: Jennifer McCabe

City: Florida versus Jupiter

Country: USA

The Problem

Jennifer’s four-year-old boy was always sick and unable to sleep properly.


The Solution

Pat Heydlauff addressed the health issues and sleeping problems of a young boy in Jupiter, where she lives, by using feng shui to transform his room and his life.

The child’s mother, Jennifer McCabe, had sought out Pat Heydlauff after hearing her speak at a local Mom club. She told Ms Heydlauff that her four-year-old, Tommy, was having trouble sleeping; in fact, the boy was often waking up in the middle of the night and roaming around the house. In addition, Tommy had been having health problems, including 28 different allergies.

After inspecting the child’s room, Ms Heydlauff told Jennifer that the bedroom was filled with very active, somewhat disturbing colors and objects (posters of pirates, etc) that were not providing a restful atmosphere for sleep.

Ms Heydlauff recommended broad changes in the bedroom. She suggested that Jennifer replace the old colors with softer pastels, replace the wall art with more positive (and self-esteem-oriented) pictures. She asked her to buy Tommy a bed (he had been sleeping on a mattress on the floor), and located the new bed in a part of the room more conducive to rest and sleep.


The Result

Jennifer McCabe tells Woman’s World, the largest selling woman’s magazine on the US newsstands, that the results have been wonderful. Tommy now sleeps through the night. He’s happier. He concentrates better. And, amazingly, the allergies he had suffered for most of his life began to disappear almost as soon as the changes were made to his room.

It’s an incredible story.