Career Decline

Creating more possibilities

Career Decline

Creating more possibilities

Consultation for: Private home

Type of Property: Detached House

Market Sector: Residential

Customer Name: Alan

City: Newbury

Country: UK

The Problem

After moving into his current house along with his wife and son some four and a half years earlier, Alan’s career had seemed to go into steady decline, ending with him eventually being completely out of work. Despite all his skills, qualifications and best efforts, he had been out of work for about two years by the time I went along to see him at the start of 2006. As you might imagine, having previously been an active, influential and successful person, the best part of two years without work had taken its toll. The purpose of this feng shui consultation was to help Alan get back to work.


The Solution

Looking at the balance of yin and yang, a missing area in the back garden suggested that there was a lack of yang energy on the male side compared to the yin on the female side, indicating that the house is generally not so supportive of the male. The missing area was also in the south, which is connected with the father figure in the family (according to the early heaven sequence of trigrams). In addition, a number of tall trees in the neighbour’s garden just on the other side of the fence could be seen as blocking the south, or blocking the father-energy of the house. The northern area of the property, which represented Alan’s career energies were overgrown and not in great condition. Measurement of the precise magnetic alignment of the house itself using the Chinese compass showed that it was not supporting Alan particularly well. Taking into account a number of other considerations too, a picture began to emerge suggesting that the feng shui characteristics of the property might be contributing to the problem. The solution in this case came down to just two main points. The first was to introduce a large rock into the back garden to create a supportive energetic anchor point for Alan, to compensate for some of the feng shui problems. To add more weight to the positioning of the rock, this was done at a supportive time and date. The second part of the solution was to clear, prune and enhance the northern area of the property.


The Result

After completing the recommended changes, Alan’s own energy improved dramatically and a few weeks later he landed a good consulting job that got him back working where he wanted to be. Nine months or so later this came to an abrupt end, after which he was able to move quite quickly into another interesting and challenging role. A year or so after the consultation, Alan was doing extremely well, looking forward to a great future, with head-hunter agencies regularly knocking on his door.